January 19, 2009

My prayers for peace

One day we met,
and later we parted..

We met,cause we loved
and parted since love died..

You wanted to be with me
but i knew it won't work out..

you cried,and pleaded to me
i cried 'cause i felt so much guilty..

you tried lots to get me back
I thought it was courage i lacked..

then hell happened,you called me names
said that i played perfect love games...

I was hurt of course,so much by words
for long i could not think of a happy world..

But thanks dear,for showing real you
no longer i regret my being single and free..

after weeks of agony,i finally smiled silently
I finally got the rewards for "praying for peace".


  1. yes... Desperation brings out the real YOU... :)

    As usual.. very nice Prats..!!
    There's somethin unique in ur poems.... So simple n yet so fascinating..!!


  2. beautiful poem dear...

    written well and amazing u got the rewards fr praying for peace.....that part was really good

  3. thanks Dolphin Dreamz .. kind words keep me moving .. i mean writing ..

  4. gud poem, Prats! simple yet conveys the message!
    bt jst one point, if da guy was really committed and u meant da world to him, nd u left him! he had a right to b mad didn't he?
    jst a questn! its nt so easy to let go of nyone, more so of a person u have luvd wid all ur heart nd hav trusted wid ur life! :)
    callin names isnt decent so point taken, though! :P :P :P

  5. Thanks Arjun ,... i indeed write on matters i have seen or gone through .. maybe thats why my writes are so real ..

  6. Love how the poem elongates every time u scroll.....

    Really nice....

  7. @Prats: have never seen a more straight forward poetry.. i call this a poem with no strings attached.. :)

  8. nice straightfwd poem pratsie...

    good pyramidal structure too! :)

  9. @It was a well earned award Ste .. :)

  10. you answered your own question Maverick ... and thanks Aparna :)

  11. thanks Anurag :)

    n u said right pink !!


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