January 19, 2009

No One Else Is Me!

This poem's dedicated to all those people who have sometimes in their lives felt low about themselves, overawed by others, worthless! Remember that you are unique, no one else is you!

Bleak were those days,
I felt worthless, wasted,
Prying eyes of people, loathing,
Left me feeling disgusted!

I failed to recognize,
Any good within me,
Trite qualities abundant around,
As far as I could see!

My existence reduced,
To nothingness,deep and dark,
The stabbing glares of contempt,
cut me deep to my heart!

Then a day dawned,
When I saw past the facades,
Fake displays of panache,
Fear seeping through persona's!

I realized I was better off,
Than most others around,
Was worth much more,
Qualities that could rarely be found!

Belief surged through me,
As if flowing through my veins,
I found myself changing,
Soul free from throbbing pain!

I was shocked to see,
People looking up to me,
Ideal, I seemed to them,
The object of their envy,

I stand today with poise,
Living and letting others be,
At the core of my heart I know,
That No One Else Is Me!


  1. yes maverick

    well written cant be better than this....

  2. More than right Mav..!!

    It's all about discovering yourself..!! :)


  3. Wow more than the poem ..love the font used :)

    Nice Work Dude

  4. Thanks for agreeing wid me Arjun! :)

  5. Thx Arjun fr atleast luvin da font! :)

  6. Hmm... I keep fluctuating between the two extremes, one moment there's everyone looking up at you and you feel great, and the next you yourself feel you're not worth anything... mostly when you don't live upto your own expectations...

    Lovely poem though...

  7. @Mav:
    you loathe yourself and see the world looking down on you,
    but the day you respect yourself, you find the world is standing salute you too...

    stupid lines but i hope i took your poem in the right sense..

  8. Thanx for ur comments, Akansha! Wheneva u feel down I hope u remeber my words! No one Else is you! :)

  9. @ Kajal
    Dont be the ultimate judge of urself and degrade ur ability! dose were nt stupid lines! Nd yes u tuk ma poem in the right sense!
    Nd as much as des comments count so does the fact dat sumone understands da very basic essence of the write! so Kudos to u! Cheers! :)

  10. lovely poem...

    i blv i penned a similar poem a couple of days back! :)

    but i esp liked the rhyming of me and envy in the penultimate verse...


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