January 22, 2009

Love finds its way-Part 1 and Part2

Well "Love finds its way" series is my first attempt at story telling. Though the imaginative me had always narrated and made stories but never really got down to write one. So i though i might write one being inspired by many doing rounds in blog circles and the writers lounge.....
Its my first attempt so i hope i m excused for my mistakes......
i generally scrap down my thought first in my blog...but since i have forged a bond with this lounge and was overwhelmed by the welcome i received i thought of counterposting the link of my story here too for some friends i hope to make in future through my interactions

For people interested to read my stories are invited

Life Finds its Way

Part1 and Part2

Hope everyone out here likes my way of writing and isnt bored by little overboard theme of love and soulmates
So hope you enjoy reading and leave your comments regarding your views too.

Happy reading :-)


  1. read part 1 .. looks promising :)

  2. hey y dont u post them here....

    Would love to see it in WL...


  3. hey girlie .. i think u deleted the post again .. coz i read part 2 n 3 here just now but wen i went to comment, it errred out .. post them again plz ...

  4. hey i was editing the posts and because of that it happened...now all 3 parts are uploaded and hope u like reading them :-)


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