January 17, 2009

The legacy of Broken Bones....

Keeping in view the recent events I was compiled to write this. Excuse me if you don’t like it.

There are 206 bones in our body. These are the framework that supports our body and something that I am trying to please from time immemorial.

1. It started two years back. I still remember, October 2006. It was 2:40 pm. I was in getting late for my coaching class. I should have been there at 2:30. Come on, move fast Shweta, u lazy bum. I was running on the stairs and that’s when it happened. Doom. I fell. Round and round I fell from the stairs. Oh!! Shit!! WTF. I tried to balance myself and wanted to get up and run back the stairs for the class. I couldn’t get up. Dam!! With hell of an effort i got up and went back to my class. I was yelled at by my botany teacher. Shweta, why are you late??? Before i could give my painful story. I was asked to take my seat. I reached home at 7. And till then my right leg was all swollen up. My dad was out of station for his conference. So it was a catastrophe at home. Mom panicked. We went to the hospital. Got my X-Ray and luckily no fracture. It was just a tissue injury. Mom took a breath of relief. I was given the ankle support and medicines to get the inflammation down. It would take 6 weeks to heal. November went and i welcomed Dec with the ankle support. I also attended my aunt’s house warming ceremony where my leg became the constant worry for many. Finally it was over and I could walk without the support. Yiiiipeeeee....

2. So I was all ready to welcome 2007. Tatas 2006 and welcome 2007. But nooo. It was not a happy new year for me. The morning of 31st December 2006, how can I ever forget it? I was reading Veronika decides to die by Polo Coelho in the washroom (a fact even my parents don’t know, they will kill me). My feet got numb while I was reading the book. When I got up, I lost balance and fell. I heard a “tuck” sound. No of course, not it was not the sound of the bone. But it was my misconception. By the time i came out from the washroom my left leg(last time it was right), was all blue green and swollen up. I shouted for dad, and he confirmed my fears. I went to the hospital and it was diagnosed as a crack in the 5th metatarsal. Can u imagine a plaster on New Year’s Eve? So I had a plaster on which was not the walking plaster. I hopped onto the car and then even at home. I felt sick at heart and the worst worry I had plaster on for three weeks and I had my sister marriage coming up. Oh dam i had so many suits to wear and my brand new lehnga. And to my dismay it wasn’t just 3 weeks, it became total of 9 weeks. Ha, i welcomed new year with the plaster, the marriage was in the plaster. My sister was furious with me. And guess what guys, everyone was amazed at di’s marriage that i had hurt myself again. I again was the hot talk after my aunt’s house warming ceremony. After 9 weeks, that is till March the plaster was off and my foot was well again. But like it is said “Coming events cast their shadows before”.

3. I was being noticed at school that too for wrong reasons. It happened again. I fell from my school bus and in order to save my head I hurt my left hand. But it was just a sprain according to me and my dad. I tied the crepe bandage and thought the work was done. But dad got my X-Ray and it was found to be a crack in the ulna. So not a plaster but still a hi-fi medical gadget was armed on my hand to support it. This time i became the talk in my school, Ah she keeps hurting herself na. My friends started taking extra care of me. I was pampered and I liked that fact but....can’t put that feeling into words. This happened in April ending, and my hand was fine by June beginning.

4. So everything was fine by September and i thought finally my stars are all in right position but no my bones were not ready to be friendly with me. One fine day, during our coaching break, all we 10 girls were getting bored. And I, remember I came up with this idea – Lets play unch nich ka papdha downstairs. Can u bet every one agreed?? We 12th class girls, 17yrs old want to play this game. We played and while running from one corner to another i twisted my leg. And everyone cried and shouted, Oh Shweta not again....but alas this time it was again my right leg. I called up dad and he had nothing to say to me. He was just too used to it. It was just like a daily work, getting a plaster up and working with it for another 6 weeks. I finished my class and went to the hospital to get my plaster. I even became choosy, i asked for a better colour for the plaster that would go with my school uniform. You must be thinking she is mad. But i was so frustrated with myself that i din’t know what to do. This was a way to take out my frustration. I became famous in school. The school guard knew us as the fracture wallas, my teachers use to advice me to walk in an iron case, i was miss broken bones, miss softy, people did not know my name but knew as the one who gets hurt very frequently. I laughed at all these comments. So I turned 17 with a plaster, my b’day card from school just asked me to keep intact. The plaster was off till November and my leg was fine again.

5. My 12th class board exams were over and luckily all my limbs were in place. My mother took extra-effort to take care of my lovely bones. And my bones actually listened to my mother unlike me. So till April first week everything was fine but the calamity stuck again. My CBSE medical prelims exam result was out and my friend called me to tell me that the result has come. I was excited and I ran to mom dad’s room to tell them about it. Then i ran back to my room to switch on the computer. While coming back i twisted and i fell again. Oh God!!! Not again. But yes yet again. I couldn’t get up and this was the first time i cried not because it hurt but because i was frustrated for not been able to see my own result. I dragged myself to the room somehow and saw the resulted. I had cleared the prelims and it was a good score too. But alas, my leg hurt. it was again my right leg. It swollen and blue green. Ha mom was frustrated to that extent that she didn’t even talk to me. I was taken to the hospital and this time i got a green plaster. It was not a good green, I would have preferred black. Nevertheless , another broken bone and another 6 weeks. I went to Banglore in my plaster as i had my entrance exam there. I attended another marriage of my brother’s. And people were yet again shocked to see me in plaster after an year from di’s marriage. How should i have told them that this one is right and that one was left. I still remember the date, it was 11th May 2008 when this plaster got off and since then till 3 days before everything has been fine. My limbs were friendly with me. They didn’t break at all.

One of my friends wrote this poem on my birthday card during that time and i would love to share it with you guys. But make sure you read it in continuation

S – Sweet and
H – Happening girl
W – Who fractured her bones, was not so
E – Elegant when she walked
T – Time and again she proves her mastery over
A – Apocalyptic activities!!

W – When an,
A – Angel asked her
T – Tensed, if she was ok
T – To that she replied, “Oh! Yeah!
A – Aaj right tha, kal
L - Left wala hoga!!!”

Lolzzz...i guess for that moment it was an apt poem....
Just 3 days back i again sprained my left arm and I have another plaster on and the legacy continues.....


  1. nice poem at the end
    but it seems the bones of ur right leg is not so strong
    i think u will show to doctors they will prescribe u something to make it strong

    and ha tc of ur leg

  2. loved ur narration shwetha

    ms. broken bones huh?

    i will call u this everytime..hehe

    be careful re

    and don't let this legacy continue

    so that's why u write all tragic poems on pain huh?

  3. @Shwetha: you better take good care of yourself...

  4. I have nothing to tell you after this except I understand..I am so clumsy.. The number of accidents I have had is amazing! But seriously check the calcium level girl..This isnt good... Ab aisa hai toh phir 70 saal ki hogi tab kya hoga?

  5. tk cre of ur bones girl... n indeed cute poem....

  6. to clear evrone's confusion guys my calcium levels are great...my bone density is perfect so i would still be walking with god's grace in my 70s

  7. u lead me by 2 tweets! :)

    and do try NOT to increase that lead okies??

    ek bar check kar le ki sare bones hai ya nahin...! :)

    tweety darling, once broke a bone,
    but dont try to break more okay?
    when we meet, i wish you would tell,
    leo, look kept my promise, yay! :)

    i know that sounded weird..! adjust kar le, aur keep the promise dear! :)

  8. sure leo...i would....keep the promise...u knw my zoo teacher used to call my semi-human....

    and i am sure not intersted in increasing the lead....i have had enough...

  9. @aparna

    plss dnt call me that...i heard it enough in my school...and dnt knw abt that pain part...may b...

  10. @prats

    thanks a lot dear...n my bones get all the attention they want...so get the care also...

  11. hehe...chill
    ok won't call u miss broken bones

    tweety name sounds better on u though

  12. I can't stop laughing, seriously... But ouch!that's gotta hurt a lot!

    I used to fall a lot earlier, and I hurt myself at exactly the same places on the knees, no broken bones ever thankfully!

  13. good to know u had enuf...i'll try not to decrease the lead too! :D

  14. i read the name and wondered if its by Arjun, actually scrolled down to check my guess, no its by you

    :) I read.

    phew it wasnt a fracture in part 1 ! because if it were, you would not have been able to move

    slightly, let alone standing up and going to the class.

    when i read veronica decides to die, late in 06, i loved it. and well, why would your parents want to

    kill you for reading sane books of Coelho?

    oh damn! my brother had the plaster on at my paternal uncle's wedding, and he would sit on stage with

    the bride and groom all the ceremony because he was unable to move :P hehe but sad yaar! tsk you

    missed the fun of your sis's wedding!

    lol @ 4 ! i wish if it is all fiction!

    haha!! *laughing like crazy* at the legacy of bones, oh god!

    *prays real hard that Allah may save her bones and knuckles and tissues and everything related to it!



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