January 8, 2009

Its Not Our Fault..(Part II)

No we don’t have to. But the question is, what is there that we can do? And the painful but ironical answer is Nothing! Nothing until the Law wakes up. I wonder, and present one question in front of you:

What will you do to stop the incidents of rape by setting an example if a convict is handed over to YOU? Completely. Without any restrictions?

If this question is asked to me, I will transform from what I really am. The people around me know I am a person with not a single violent bone in my body and that I also don’t support barbarism. But if I would have been given an opportunity like the above one, I would have surely done something similar to the movie Gangaajal. Yes I would have, with not even a single regret. I would have made him feel what PAIN feels like. And not only the physical pain. The pain of facing the society. The pain of seeing your scarred soul in the mirror. The pain of that girl who was raped by 10 men one by one, and then left desolated, the pain of her family who is expected to answer questions charged at them while they fight the trauma they are facing. I would surely try to do what I can to set an example for all those criminal born minds out there. And I expect that every single person reading this should feel the same. The problem is that, I would never be allowed to do it. None of us would.. The only issue is that we are JUST NOT ALLOWED and to the government, STINKING VOTE BANKS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE LIFE OF THAT SIMPLE MBA GIRL STUDENT WHICH IS NOW SCARRED FOR LIFE. Thats why I say, its not our FAULT. We have empty palms. We are just expected to sit in hopeless rallies, to give empty speeches, to pay donations major part of which goes to the safes of those characterless, stinking and corrupt termites who are eating up the inside of this country to fill their stomachs. We are just expected to be mere spectators of the felony that our own people face, which we are indirectly made to breed.

It would be really disturbing to even IMAGINE one of our own family members going through something unfortunate, wouldn’t it?

So to prevent this, we have no flipendo sticks with us to do magic. It would consume time, but it needs to START. We need to stop giving rallies on child abuse, and start with HOW TO TERMINATE IT!

We need to enlighten our government, not the public!

And if our giant infected embodiment of corruption does not have enough ideas to execute, Ask us! ASK THE BROTHER OF THAT GIRL! Ask the father of that girl! We will provide you ideas! We will show HOW, if one convicts goes through something barbaric and horrendous just ONCE, by the hands of public or the government and if this is aired on LIVE TV instead of our so loved scripted talent shows and utterly uninformative news of earth ending in 2013, or a buffalo flying...............the next criminal would probably think a hundred times before risking his life under the blades of unhuman and barbaric treatment.

...and soon every child would feel free...

...and soon every elderly would live free...

...and soon every family would celebrate freedom...

Oh yeah....

...and soon...

“ladkiyon ko kisi se bhaagne ki zarurat nahi padegi..”.

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  1. I share every bit of emotion... the hurt, the helplessness, the pain, the trauma, and most importantly the anger. Anger at the government, anger at the way some distorted minds think, anger at being able to do NOTHING about it... Our hands are tied and our feet are bound! And the so-called humanitarian organisations are the ones who bind it even tighter... The death statement given to Dhananjay for rape and murder about 4 years ago had been turned into an 'Ekta Kapoor type saga story' with the news channels interviewing his family and what his loss meant to them... How could they forget the victim and her family?

    But how can we expect illiterate politicians to understand this??? The country is being run by people who can't even read or write... and we stand- victims, helpless...

  2. after a long time, i read such a strong write !! and i am not just glad that some one thought about it... but also i really feel so angry at the helpless state we have been reduced to .. Its not just a rape that shocks a person .. I myself have been subjected to times when men have offended me while travelling. And each time i have been left feeling so sick about myself !! WTF !! Sometimes i hate being a gal .. Not that i think guys have all te privileges ...

    Thanks for this post :)

  3. @Akanksha

    Hey hi..

    We cannot expect. We cannot!! Our mouths have been shut but by the FAILURE of the government. What we can do is to direct our efforts in the direction where some hope is left....thats it.....

    And as far as the dhananjay case...seriusly...u r so tru.......infact, thnx fr enlightening me, i jus never thot abt dis aspect..!

  4. @Pretty me

    Your welcome pretty....and u knw, i have frends who hv gone thru wat u have......dat wat provoked me 2 ryt. TV broadcasts, documentries, ...everything falls on deaf ears. But...as i said..


  5. hey really..thank you so much for the post! it makes me feel the respect that girls so rightly deserve, still exists in a lot of hearts and there are people who understand and respect a woman's dignity!
    but on the other hand, why does god create few people without a conscience?????

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  7. @pink orchid

    Have u ever seen a drug addict worrying about his CONSCIENCE that hes doing rong? No..

    Dats more like it....its a psyche which unfrtunately prevails in a lot o minds dese days..they do have conscience, but utterly polluted.
    So much, dat d real world get blurred in it and dey end up losing the track....and fall into one, which is of No return!


  8. I understand your emotions and i feel each and every person today have an anger in them, people like us the youth wants to bring about change, awareness, among politician, government and the civilians around. i am very happy that this post came up, but some where down the line its our fault too, majority of us have this attitude of 'sab chalta hai' . when some big incident occur we all wake up from our sleep, but than its too late, things have already gone out of hand.
    tell me how many times we have seen something wrong going on around us, but we just feel 'sub chalta hai'. agreed we cannot impact the major politicain and system as a whole but if each one us can bring some small changes around our own envirnment, speak up for something wrong going on around us. we can make a big impact together. Its like each one can take one small step which can become a big stride in years to come..

    Our work may be small but believe me if that work is done for a cause it inspires other..and our country and we people are in need of that inspiration

  9. @Jack..

    Ur ryt man..i agree. But theres one thing which i wanted 2 convey thru my post.....wo "sab chalta hai" waala attitude. U knw y its dere.....because all o us have bn made 2 believ it!! dat really "sab chalta hai"..!! which is absolutely incorrect..!

    Dats wat i sd in d post...we shud stop giving senseless rallies about senseless topic, and hit the damn core of the problem!! our stinking govt!!

    And i guess the govt is a body acutely devoid of BRAINS, so dats wat we need to do........PUT IT IN THEIR HEADS!!!

    and seriusly...even i think d same as u...we can make a big diffrnce...and acc 2 me, the virus is not "sab chalta hai"...its........"KAUN KAREGA YAAR!"

  10. Hey Nikhil!

    I hate to think that we cant do anything... Remember when the attacks in Mumbai happened? Then we were helpless bcas we are ill equipped as civilians to do anything.. But today, when there isnt any emergency situation there is so much we can do. As Al Gore said Political will is a renewable source. We can change it whenever we want. We are educated people. We can vote. But do we? There are a million different ways we can make a difference. I refuse to think we cant. Why do we need something to shake us up? How many rapes, molestations have happened? In Mumbai, there isnt a single girl who has been "felt up" in a public place. What to do? Slap him? What if he stabs me? What if he follows me home?

    There are a zillion What ifs and these what ifs block our actions. If one person says something against it and is killed. Shouldn't a million voices be raised against it? But no. Their voices are silenced forevers.

    All we need is to Take a chance. Make a change!

    Good work, Nik!

  11. @rashi

    Rv..finally......! was waitin 2 hear frm u...

    Hmm..a good point made by u. and thats wat d despair is all about. Few of us had tried...like..rmmbr the satyendra dubey case...he raised his voice and exposed the corruption.
    What happened...he was silenced. FOREVER.

    Examples like these lead us to prefer silence..and dats wat should NOT BE THERE.

    How many ppl will they kill, we are a billion!!

  12. i agree with you theres this kon karega attitude, and believe me its not a job of one or two standing up for everyone, it is we every one who has to stand up and say 'thats it i am not taking it any more'.
    Its a responsibility of every one and we are the future of our country. If we dont stand up who will,
    And by standing up i dont mean taking on government and system..stand up in our own life with what ever difference we can make

    and beleive me when this starts happeneing people wont say'KON KAREGA YAR' they will say "WHO KAR RAHA YAR CHAL HUM BHI KARTE HAI'
    and thats were change comes

  13. A very very rousing post.
    It is a shame on our own characters if we stay quiet and let helpless women get raped right in front of our own eyes.
    Real evils are ignorance and indifference.

    Our indifference towards such issues, and our inability to bring people to justice just bcoz of the power or position the accused holds, is the bane of our existence, The death of human rights and the murder of free spirit.

    Its a shameless world we live in.

    But its good to know that there are many people waking up to this horror.

    The mukhiya's response reminds me of achyutanandan's shameless disgusting words regarding the Mumbai Attack.

    Badey Badey sheharon mein aise chotey chotey haadse hotey rehtey hain. Koi badi baat nahi.

    Shows how small minded some people can be

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  15. @Jack..

    EXACTLY. i so wish this message passes as farspread as possible man.. I mean if this writeup manages 2 make even a single person think and do something, no matter how small, that wud b d real achievement for all of us...

  16. @riversoul

    Damn that guy...seriusly man...u reminded me of that statement i heard after the blasts....

    I mean, theres no measure of hopelessness that these politicians display.

    Imagine, the life of our WHOLE COUNTRY IS IN THE HANDS OF BASTARDS like them!!!

    Theres just one measure left, to shout, "MEND THE WAYS OR LET US DO SO."

    We have been made so helpless that even if we see or hear about a crime, be it rape, 90% of us would EVADE the situation. why? coz of the fear of getting INVOLVED!!!!!!

    we gotta do something guys....or else this would boomerang, in real near future....directly, or indirectly.

  17. Thats exactly what i think.
    Well said, Silent Soul.
    Do read my poem on women's rights in my Blog
    Silent Recollections

  18. sure man..asap! n hope to see u around my blog too...n future interactions...


  19. only now i have read the second part :)

    I love my religion, and I am quite a fundamentalist in it, and honestly it doesnt mean that i in anyway, impose it to others.

    Alhamdolilah, I am never harrased in any way by anyone, (May Allah always save me, and every single girl from it, amen) I cover myself properly, recite supplicated for protection from Allah and pray.

    What my religion supports is stoning the rapist to death, and i think it is the Very Just and Very Right punishment for them, as the post it self suggests, people can call it barbaric but think of yourself as a victim or anyone close to victim, I am sure you'd wanna do the same to them.

    But then again, it is a law made by Allah, for the benefit of us, I strongly believe that once it is practised without prejudice no one dare do anything of a like at all, so it is not about LAW MAKING, what important is about LAW PRACTISING,In Pakistan, Govt doesnt practice Laws made by Allah or Laws made by the brains ... the result is? Mayhem, Sufferings etc.

    I truly second the writer when he says that the question is about prevention instead of mere awareness!

    as I have said it before, this is a bad world, we should keep asking refuge in Allah's mercy from it.

    Thankyou Very much for writing and giving me an opportunity to express my views :)

  20. @Asbah

    Nice words there frm u..
    seriusly, i knw its kinda unhuman to be barbaric. No good soul on this earth would suggest that. And i know no religion supports that. Still when u read the news papers, and listen to the radio, or watch tv....u see all of it still going on.

    Girls,elderly,children,couples etc..none are spared. And it seems, the practicality of the situation has established itself on a really strong pedestal in the minds of the sinners.

    We have waited a lot..havent we? tried everything but THEIR WAYS. Now is the time....let there be a bit of disturbance, fight arguements ,,,,,let there be some barbarism for some time, ATLEAST AFTER THAT OUR MOTHERS AND SISTERS WOULD WALK ON THE ROADS FREELY...and dats wat every1 of us wants ryt?

    And don thank me yaar..i thank u asbah n all u guys fr showing interest and inclination towards this topic..and leaving behind what u think. Frm ur reviews many ppl came 2 knw 2day, DEY R NT ALONE...

    hope 2 c kp seeing u guys around here... :)

  21. well its so nice to see so many of us coming out wth such strong stance, well i will be glad if we can see more such post in our lounge, well believe me nik you have just set a new trend in this lounge atleast in me i must you inspired me to write my next post :) i do write on such social issues but some how was dormant but you mobilised my thoughts again in that direction thanx for that mate :)
    well do check out my social blog on such topics

  22. @jack..

    Thats it man...dats wat my motive was. Thanx a ton!!!

    As far as setting the trend is concerned, according 2 me, FOLLOWING it, and keeping it in mind is a task. we all have to perform. TOGETHER. "I" may have started, but "WE" have to carry.

    We are youngsters, wel have fun in our lives, and busy schedules. Dat should continu, but 1 ELEMENT NEEDS TO BE ADDED.

    Its like, agar hum nahi karenge, to KAUN KAREGA!!????

    Nice 2 see dat so many of u appreciate dis effort of mine, meri mehnat safal ho gayi! ;P

    And i hope this would NOT DIE DOWN. Lets get together guys, INSTEAD OF NOTHING, WE CAN DO SOMETHING ATLEAST!!?

    And we gotta start with sharing our ideas, and opinions, and to be really practical, OUR IDEAS ON HOW TO DESTROY THIS FROM THE ROOT!!!!

  23. going on statistical data every 15 minute 5 girls get raped in our country...out of these 5 girls it has been noticed that the police case is filed for only 2 of them dat too because either they belong to our elite class or are media hyped cases...i wonder vat happens to the left 3 girls...they are shunned for their entire lives...all they have left is a scarred soul...they dont have any media coverage...some of them are even shunned by their own families...and all they can wonder is wtf was there fault...were they being executed for being girls or the fact that they are living in a country like INDIA were the judiciary has gone to dogs...the govt might even hang the culprit but would it really ease the pain of that girl...would she be able to revive her soul...would she able to look herself in mirror ever agn....most of the times the answer is no...not death sentence or any kind of relief given to the girl in the form of finance can ever make up for vat she lost...like its said prevention is always bettr than cure....we need to prevent such a thing from happening rather than acting afterwards....yes its not our fault...as civilians there is very little v can do abt it...but someone just has to wake up our so called democratic govt to these ground realities....specially ven our president talks about SHINING INDIA i always consider it as a joke....

  24. Well...I don't believe in this prevention thing...no one has given the right to anyone to dictate some code of behaviour for girls...though yes, that is perhaps the practical and frustrating solution...And it was good to read the comments...this time I did go through them..and last but not the least, nice post...hopefully it will force people to think...and rethink...


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