January 8, 2009

Its Not Our Fault..(Part I)

I recently saw Ghajini. To be true, according to me, except aamir, the rest of the acting looked like being really untrained. I mean, the policewaala runs, then Aamir runs behind him and then Jiah follows! What idiocy? But yes, even though it was a remake of Memento, the story somehow managed to leave a little bit of impression on me. Anyhow, I am certainly not here to portray my critical abilities. Then what made me describe this? Yesterday’s headlines.

To start with I would like to share my immediate reaction to the text i read. Owing to the inherent monotonousness of the event, it did not provoke anything in me, except, putting it down in words. I am confident about my assumption, which is that this very same feeling would have been there in many psyches who would have read those unfortunately familiar words. Its not at all rare! Its really common. Probably so common, that even if a grotesque and monstrous image of it appears on any of the news channels, we dont halt anymore. Our souls are not hoicked. Our mind is so preoccupied by the worries of the latest brands that we have to buy today, or by the meeting with some international big shots who have managed their nation so well that they rarely come across events like this, or by a social party we have to attend in the evening...we are so accompanied by these “essentialities” that the echoing holler of the half naked and severely bruised girl lying on that pavement or the dirty gutter, not dirtier than the Indian pervert psyche, goes shamelessly unnoticed.

I glanced at that text , “A 24yr old MBA student raped in Noida”, and immediately that dialogue by this new actress Asin, in Ghajini reverberated in me- “Kin kin logon se bhaagengi ladkiya..” As I had mentioned earlier, it really did not jerk me. A thought, or half, would have struck me and the next moment I was reminded of an important call that I had to make. And this very news faded away in the already populated (read: polluted) conscious of mine. But something did make me think about this for long and arrive at a very obvious conclusion which needed to be highlited. The next day, i.e. today, that news had been allotted a small corner of page three in the main newspaper, but the shocking part is, it contained something really horrendous. An aged man, probably a mukhiya of the village where the incident took place, was highlighted making this statement, “So what? The girl was JUST raped. Its not a big deal.” This was something really dismaying. That too, coming from an elderly!! This statement baffled me to a very unexpected extents. I was shocked. In fact, for that matter, I still am. My mind could not arrive at anything but one statement, “Its not OUR mistake”.

Yes its not. Its not our mistake that we do not pay any attention. Or we do not act much except for expressing our grief and commenting on events like this and then forgetting about it. Its the mistake of the Indian Law enforcement agencies, and the government, or in the words of a layman, the RULES which are there in India. I quote another example from the Indian cinema highlighting my point. The movie Gangaajal. I know..whats the first thought that would come to anyone reading this. No! We can’t be barbaric! I know...even I used to say such things. And I know myself that I am not a person who has a violent bone in my body, or supports any kind of barbarism. But I have a few questions to everyone reading this:

How much PATIENCE are we supposed to keep and how much BELIEF are we supposed to have in the authorities’ perennial hollow promises?

How many times do we have to stray ourselves away from this bitter and ghastly truth that The Indian Law and Order is a perfect embodiment of WASTE OF RESOURCES AND BRAINS?

Are we supposed to nurture these rapes, and murders, and child abuse etc by just looking “away” from them accepting the fact that we can do NOTHING?


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  1. will comment my views after reading the part 2.

  2. I'd love to hear the spineless mukhiya say those selfsame words when the same thing happens to his own daughter, (god forbid)

    Such people are the real rapists of the land. Evil and despicable acts are a regular side show for these Bastards.

    Shame on them.

    Ps do you know that the prime accused is actually the son of that village mukhiya?
    It figures, doesn't it?
    Seed of the evil is just more refined evil, it shows.

  3. @riversoul

    Yea man...i figured it out ystday evening only when i just couldnt resist reading that thing again.....

    and yea ur true...seed of the evil is a more refined evil...it surely is man.....

  4. not exactly riversoul, tell me what will you do? how many times have We ourselves have seen things like that and refrain from intruding in? I agree that the guy should not have commented like that, this is the limit of nonchalance, but then, honestly what do we do? how can we stop it? etc.

    Oh, i just read that accused is his son. tsk. they should be killed at once, the crime is that grave afterall.

    I personally believe that every one is evil and any good, ANY GOOD, i repeat, we do is because of the fear, Of Allah, of Punishment, Of police-wala, Of law, etc.

    and only Fearless people commit crimes, we only need to increase our believe in the Supreme power and the fact that He is very much capable of punishment! I think it will help a lot.

    But then, this is asking too much!

  5. @asbah

    That said, i would say that fear of law is the one that PREVENTS us frm intruding.

    You knw it, every youngster with a good heart knws, that if he/she is aware of a crime of that magnitude in the vicinity, we do feel the rush from inside, to stop it, prevent it.

    But we restrain. WHY? Coz o d same attitude, "KAUN CHAKKAR ME PADEGA"

    What is this chakkar? Its the fear of GETTING INVOLVED. This is what should change. We should have the freedom to prevent that happening, withouth the fear of "getting involved".

    fearless people commit crimes. dose who commit have no conscience. And now, in 21st century if u go out to teach the presence and fear of God to a person with no conscience, its surely gonna fall on deaf ears!

    We have no option...but to reform the system...BY BEING UNITED...AND ACTING UP SOON!

  6. exactly, I agree. Kon Parega.

    well, only yesterday i wrote these two lines:

    I lack the nobility in me to help correct others.
    I lack the courage to help correct myself.

    well, I have answered this is your second post's comments.
    well the thing is that fear should be there, if not of Allah then of LAW, If the law is foul-proof there will be no evil!

    we refrain from doing because we fear that it might be hurled against us, Once the Law is stronger, people will be enjoy more freedom in stopping others, the prejudice of a big guy and local man is to be removed, which will only happen if the Legal system is JUST. the same law for the minister and the same for the beggar!

    This we can only do by being united and acting :) I second.

  7. @asbah..

    EXACTLY. We all share d same views man...!! Jus put it in different words and differnent aspects!
    den where d hell is d loophole?? Why hasnt anything changed? Why dont we work...!!????

    ps: really happy wid the nature of ur comments... :) hope for regular interaction wid u here and at ma blog, whnever u happen to stop by it...

  8. @ asbah
    I don't really think that everyone is intrinsically bad at heart. What is the meaning of evil?
    Evil, i feel, is the potential of being able to do harm to others, and its the will to do evil that makes a person inherently bad at heart.
    Everyone, i believe, is born good at heart. If everyone was evil at heart rite from the start of their life, i don't think human race would have lasted long.
    Its the circumstances that the person goes through that are the real factors that decide whether the person will lead a good or bad life in future.
    Take for instance, the terrorists. They are such brainwashed souls, that they believe that by killing others, women, innocent children, they are doing god's work.
    They fear Allah. But that doesn't stop them from killing people and blowing themselves up, does it?
    I know for a fact that the Koran, the holy scriptures, and the bible all say that murder and suicide are considered the worst crimes in the eye of the Lord.
    Yet, we don't find fear of God stopping so many people from killing others and commiting suicide everyday.
    I believe that even for saying such brainless comments that hurt other people's feelings, that village chief must be punished. He just said what he'd do if given a chance, and so, we have to make sure that such people never get that chance.

  9. Oh, and if i'm given the chance to do something about it, i'll make sure that people who are as heartless as the rapists and people who are too spineless and brainless to say such things about rape, will lose the will to do it. Ever.
    We'll have to bring out the old eye-for-an-eye rule. Strictest measures to ensure the safety and peace of my brothers, sisters and daughters.

    If we want to see changes, we'll have to BECOME the changes.
    Thats my belief.

  10. Lastly, I feel that people will start becoming righteous only when someone stands up for them.
    Read this carefully.
    If i am the one who can stand for my beliefs, then i definitely will.

    And if ever i were to fall trying to protect my faith, my belief,

    Then i'll die happily, knowing that a million will rise in my place.

    Bcoz people only need a leader to believe in.
    You can be that leader. Everyone can.

  11. Ps
    I agree with asbah's views on equality.
    Though its our constitutional right, we rarely see equality of justice between a beggar and a minister's son.

  12. yes, you're right, riversoul, generally people are not bad at heart and I agree with your statement about terrorist, they think they're doing good by killing innocent people...

    and I totally believe in becoming the change you want to see around you. we can change ourselves, start respecting others, start telling others so.

    and lets stand for the right!
    and also suggest what we can do?
    suggest the HOW's!

  13. REALLY asbah...uur last lines is what im lukin fr.......

    SUggest the how's! thats whats needed.......

    ps: i never thought there would such stirring reaction to this thought of mine. m Really glad that u guys came frward and showed ur support. Thnks guys...lv u all!! :)

  14. Hi...
    Well...honestly did not go through all the comments...all has been said and heard before...tired of it...I also did the same thing...
    What we need are...the 'HOWS'!
    The only way I can see out of it is the sensitizing process that should begin right in the homes...even small things like telling a girl that serving her brother is her duty leave a lasting impression...moving on to the second part now...


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