January 8, 2009

When I look at the rain...-III

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I've decided! I'll be there at the airport to meet him... to see if he still recognises me...

He's coming tomorrow and I already have butterflies in my stomach...

It's not an exam, gal!!!

But I don't know his flight number, how do I know when is he coming???

Apply your head gal, there aren't any more than 3 international flights in a day, can't you even find out their timings... huh?

Oh, yeah, Mr.Google, may I have the necessary information please?

Armed with the knowledge and feeling pretty sure that I'll know him when I see him, I'm going to the airport... 

Having nothing better to do, coz  I have reached early by one complete hour, I pick up some magazines and do what I like best... read and plug in my ipod...

But I am restless, and the dial of my watch is what occupies the retina of my eyes instead of those printed news stories... they suddenly seem so boring somehow!

Finally, there's the announcement for the flight... But wait, haven't I forgotten something? What will I tell him why am I here??? To meet him? Nah...

I'll tell him I came here to receive my cousin. But from where? 

Erm... US? Yes that's the next flight, after half an hour. I'll say US...

There, the flight has landed! Where is he?

Hey! There he is... He's coming towards me, towards the waiting area... I'll get up and surprise him!!!


Where is he??? Hey wait!

He didn't even notice me... He's taking a cab!

OMG, I've blown it up completely now... 

Who asked you to keep yourself hidden behind the magazine with 'Linkin Park' blaring in your ears?

He's going away, in a cab... Damn!

I'm driving away from the airport, feeling like a fool... I've dumped my ipod unceremoniously on the dashboard! Oh oh... it's my cell ringing. I pick it up and hey presto! It's him calling...

Did he see me after all? Or is he calling for something else?

Damn it! I can't pick it up here, they've got the entire world's traffic police out here and they're out to grab me... they're holding me!


It's just my mom... who came to check why I wasn't awake when my cell was blaring it's alarm music at full volume!!!

Well, I can't tell her but I've dropped the idea of going to the airport... Should I just sit back and wait for him to call or come online? No, I can't leave it to chance! I'll call him today evening...

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  1. ahh the nightmare did some good afterall..u decided to call him ;)

    dont u agree there is a positive in every negative? :D


  2. haha... wow that was a very good advancement...

    Very well written Akansha.. There was some kinda freshness in this write up... ;)



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