January 11, 2009

It's like I am lost...I don't know this feeling

Day after day I think of you,
Of the million thoughts I want to share with you!

M: Hey, what’s the matter with you? Why are you in such a contemplative state?

H: I am not feeling myself today. I feel so blue.

M: Oh dear! Pour out your heart to me. May be I’ll be of help. What’s wrong?

H: It’s him. No matter what I do, my thoughts shoot back to him. Every dawn I wake up to the morning light, the first thought that springs in my mind is his. I keep wondering what he is doing at this very moment. Eating..? Sleeping..? Laughing..? Will he be thinking of me..?

Whatever I see…
Whatever I do…
Whatever I hear…
I got me thinking of him.

M: What kind of thoughts?

H: Sweet, mushy thoughts of his. Late nights, when all the world is sleeping, I stay awake and keep thinking of him! I wish I was a star and could look down to him, sleeping cozily in his bed. I wish I was the breeze, and could swish past him and caress his silky hair.

Whenever I miss you, I just stare at the sky. I don't find you there, but atleast I know we are under the same sky!

M: Hmm…you got a problem there! Luckily, I know the solution. I will say it, it may or may not be right, but if it is, you have to accept it.

H: Yeah, okay, what’s it?

M: Is it a crush?

H: No! It’s much more than a silly crush. I can fight the world for him.

I will be there for him when the world stops turning.
I will be there for him when the sun stops shining.

See me! I’m talking in rhymes. His thoughts bring out the romantic poet out of me!

M: May be it is just a phase in life. You’ll get over with it in few months.

H: No, I felt like this from quite some time. This feeling got collected from so many years and is now gushing bountifully from my heart.

M: That sounds serious. Is it love?

H: Hmmm…may be…I am not sure of this feeling. I am in such a quandary. It’s a ticklish feeling ebbing from my innate heart. Does it feel like this when someone is in love?

M: Yes, You have got all those symptoms.

H: I can’t believe it! I thought love is something, which happens only in movies and fantasies. It seems so distant and strange! Oh, what do I do now?

M: You should go and propose him.

He loves me? He loves me not?

H: I don’t have the courage. What if he doesn’t think of me that way? What if he rejected me and stopped talking to me after that cheap stance. I can’t afford losing him!

M: Then, he isn’t lucky enough to deserve your divine love. You might as well forget it all if he rejected you.

H: That shall never happen! I’ll still keep loving him even if he doesn’t. He will be my man, in my fantasies. I will keep dreaming and in my dreams atleast, we’ll be together. I can lead my whole life just with his dreams.

Worthy of nothing, counting the days still I wish to survive,
Hoping that one day he’ll care for me, for him I’ll strive

M: What if he said he needs some time?

H: I’ll give him all the time in the world. I'm ready to wait all my life!

He could be far away from me for eons...I’ll still keep waiting
He could be at the other end of the universe...I’ll still keep waiting.

M: So when will you propose him?

H: Now that I am thinking about it, I don’t want to propose. This will be my little secret that I will carry to the grave. It’s better to secretly love him than be sad with a broken heart if he rejected my love.

M: I won’t advise you to do that. Be brave. Don’t waste a second to tell him what you feel. Don’t worry of the consequences. Atleast later in life you won’t retrospect and regret that it could have worked if you showed some courage.

H: Yes, you are right. I should be brave. I will propose him soon.

M: That’s a good decision. Go on now! Call up, fix a meeting and tell him you’ve fallen in love with him.

H: Oh no! I haven’t fallen in love with him. I have risen in love with him!


'M' is Mind and 'H' is heart of a girl who's in love.


P.S :I want to dedicate this story to my room mate Kalyani for the idea.


  1. i guess every girl who is in love would hv had this "heart-mind" conversation..but only rarely its written down in black and what..
    You Have Done It! SO VERY BEAUTIFULLY !!! :)

  2. thanx akansha ans pink orchid!

    i didn't expect comments so fast.

    i imagined myself in the frame and penned it down

  3. glad to find someone who thinks alike... cnt tell u how much i loved dis... i felt as if u wer writing my thots....n these wer my mind n heart talking..!

    wud love to read more of such...keep writing... :)

  4. Hey leo..sweet of u to say so

    Hey pri..I am clairvoyant. I read ur thoughts and wrote this down. Thanx for the comment!

  5. hehe..yaa..it seems so...really...each n evry word...

  6. aparna...its every girls fantasy world...and u cldnt have penned it more beautifully...keep writing...

  7. hey that was amazing, you know always use to wonder what goes in girls mind when shes in love,
    well this surely answered some of my questions

  8. well...if i find something sooo touching...i even go back n comment again...hehe...

    really it was simply awesome...too real, beautiful n touching.... :)
    i used to write such mushy stuff too, but for some stupid reasons of mine..stopped.
    n den it felt really nice n comforting to read my thots der...guess i wud hav written d same...but it also kind of made me realise wht i am doing by not writing it out...it being d only outlet...so will get to it again..whether i post or not..but will write for sure..

    n i also especially loved d poetry in b/w...all of it ws so beautiful...

    I will be there for him when the world stops turning.
    I will be there for him when the sun stops shining.


    Worthy of nothing, counting the days still I wish to survive,
    Hoping that one day he’ll care for me, for him I’ll strive.

    He could be far away from me for eons...I’ll still keep waiting
    He could be at the other end of the universe...I’ll still keep waiting.

    thanks for d lovely piece :)

  9. hey pri!...i'm loving it when u comment again and again

    my sincere request is that u shud write and even post in the lounge whatever comes to ur mind...its no use supressing feelings..writing is the only vent without which u can never curb such feelings

    waiting for ur mushy fellings post then

    and abt those couplets in between..i'm not so poetic....but i was so much inspired by tan, asbah,riversoul,pink orchid,leo,rashi, pretty prats and you...and many other talented poets(i might have left a few names..i'm new here) and so thought i should try my hands on poems.
    poems r really tough ..couldn't write more than 2 lines.

  10. @aparna: hey thank you so much for adding me in the list of poets are got inspired from..i really dont think i can be in that list.. you are very modest and kind.. you are a wonderful poet yourself Girl!!!
    keep up the good work... looking fwd to more penned magic from you..

  11. thanx ste...i really love the lounge

    @ kajal...u r the poetry princess...one of the best in lounge...u should be really modest

    thanx pretty

  12. @Aparna: dont call me the poetry princess..i start getting all shy and blushing.. :P


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