January 11, 2009

The Legend of Sandeep Malan - 9

He was drenched in his own thoughts.The yellow paint reminded him of Richa.

It was July 2008.“Ok.Evening sharp at 6 pm,CCD,dadar,”Sandeep said to Richa. They were about to meet after a long time.As usual Sandeep was busy with his office work.Also , he was going to take part in a TV reality dance show called “Rakhi ke saath nacho,” he was busy practicing .He was eagerly waiting for Rajinikanth’s next movie “Yentran” which would be released in 2009.He celebrated Rajnikanth's birthday by cutting cake and distributing sweets in his apartment.Even his best friend Asbah was invited for that birthday.

”Yeh to bata,dekhta hai tu kahan,” his phone rang.It was Supari bhai giving his regular supari to sandeep.”Shanpati ,apun ko aaj tujhe milna hai sham 6 baje CCD mein,” Sandeep’s face turned pale and his body started shivering after hearing Supari bhai's voice. He could not repay the 20k bucks that he borrowed from the don.He was supposed to meet his girlfriend Richa and Supari bhai at the same time and that too at the same place.He wanted to get rid of that.An idea struck in his mind. He remembered a scene from Rajnikanth's flick where the hero’s body is painted with black color. Sandeep decided to do the same.He soon removed his shirts and changed his brown face to a yellow one.He painted his face with yellow oil paint, with red stripes just like an adivaasi.

He reached CCD at 6 pm ,people were looking at him like crazy.”See,the clown momma ,” a boy of 4 could not stop laughing after seeing Sandeep in this avatar. Sandeep was already used to such embarassing scenes .He once, roamed Marine drive without his pants and few days later ,he gave himself an European blonde look. He was waiting for Richa. He grabbed her hands as soon she reached CCD. ”Bachao”, She shouted.Sandeep assured her that it was him. He refrained himself from telling the story behind this yellow paint. At the same time,Supari bhai was searching for Sandeep Malan. Sandeep believed that Supari could not identify him, so he decided to perform some Rajini style. ”Enna ,da rascala,you searching for Sandeep,”Sandeep slapped bhai. Supari bhai’s men got furious with this act of the yellow colored guy . ”Enna kanna,chuma adharrula," he went on with his Rajni dialogues.He slapped Supari again and again,it seemed he liked it.Suddenly, it rained and the yellow paints were getting washed off.But he wasn’t aware of it.”Aila, tu hai,pakkado sale ko,”Supari ordered his men to catch Sandeep who was trying to escape.Sandeep soon kicked one of his men and flew like a superman.

Supari's men could not spot Sandeep for over miles.

Sandeep started laughing of a sudden and told all these things to his new doctor friend Neha.Even she enjoyed the joke. Sandeep and Neha became good friends and while discharging he got concessions because of Neha.

"I am going," Sandeep said with a low voice."Don't say going,"Neha said .

"Should I be here again," he added.

Sandeep was expecting Neha to ask his number.

"What is your number?,"Neha asked with a smile.

Sandeep eyes came out bulging. "Yippiee!!!," was his first reaction.

"Do you really want my number?,"he confirmed.

"Yes ,"I do want. Sandeep felt like turning into a bird and flying on the sky.

"Ok.its 970####### and give me a missed call,"he grinned.

"Whats this Malu?, I need ur receipt number,"she said.She further added that she would refer his receipt number to obtain the fee concession.His wings broke of a sudden and he fell down .Sandeep was angry with him self. "Its 6576A," he gave his receipt number to Neha.

"Thanks and 991#######," she smiled.

Sandeep remained stunned for a while.He started getting goosebumps .He glared at the doctor.

"Won't you give me a missed call," she asked him.

Soon Sandeeps fingers respond to the stimulus.His thumbs pressed number 9 of his E70 and he soon gave her a missed call.

He left the hospital and he was back to his home.Every one came to visit him including Shakuntala Aunty,Asbah,Mona,Rajesh,Ani, and his boss Miss Priyanka D'Silva.


  1. this was my first encounter with Mr. Sandeep Malan..:)
    and i am gonna follow him now wherever he goes..
    an interesting read that brought wide grin on my face.. :)

  2. hehe... another fun ride...

    Wat happened to that Ameriga thing??? ;)


  3. the legend lives on!! where is the hero anyways... haven't seen him in lounge for a while...

  4. quite an interesting character....will surely follow his series...by the end of the post i had a huge smile on my face...kept me hooked


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