January 28, 2009


I was sad, I looked around me,
For something to brighten my day,
A little candle, to glow near,
For in the dark, I had lost my way.

I saw a candle burning near,
It’s did make me think of this,
It kills itself, yet shows others light,
It inspired me, showed me bliss.

I was worried, I had no shoes,
But then I saw, someone lame,
His blessing, it made me see,
The courage He gave to me,
To rise like a phoenix from the flame

When I was about to give up,
I saw a spider, the web it had spun,
It never abandoned hope in vain,
When a strand broke, it started again,
Till it was done with that which it had begun

I bent down and felt, a touch-me-not,
It closed itself when it sensed my touch,
Yet when the morning next, I did look,
It was back to itself, I thought I mistook,
Its blooming again did inspire me much.

I heard the mighty roar, of the stream nearby,
In its meandering waters, I could see,
Many a rock, standing in its clear path,
Yet it went over it all, making them feel its wrath,
Its ease over troubles, it inspired me.

I looked for inspiration, a positive guide,
I found it in the moon, and in the ebbing tide,
I saw all these sights, the beauty that it took,
What I did see depended on for what I did look.

Pic Courtesy: Deviantart.


  1. so true!
    this is what I call a wonderful package of inspiration... little things we miss out on but are so very inspiring..thank you for bringing up a nice thought leo..
    great poetry!!

  2. hey high five to the font color choice.. :) its a pleasant color.. i like it! :)

  3. beautiful poem dude...... :)

    ste here :)

  4. dude super poem ...getting inspired from li'l li'l things....Why didn't I think abt this ...... :(

  5. :D so goooood LEO i loved it seriously.. i wish i could write like you ! i hope one day i will... :P

  6. even i like the font color choice! :D

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  8. u write better than me illusion! :)

  9. what a flow leo...what a flow...stands up and claps...It kills itself, yet shows others light....so beautifully captured in words...take a hug bro! you are gifted!


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