January 18, 2009


Gloom clouds my mind today, I can’t feel
The air around me seems to be dry,
No joy do I feel coming out of me,
The light I cannot see, this darkness blinds me,
Just storm clouds building, appearing in my sky

I cannot gather my thoughts today, I can’t see
Where these roads are now leading me,
No answers do I have for these questions that appear,
I can see a worried face, that one lonely tear,
In my mirror I can see, only a face of silent melancholy.

I cannot breathe tonight; I forget who I am,
No hands hold mine close; they shun me in misery,
I seem lost today; someone revives my lost sin,
No refuge can I see, a happy heart to take shelter in,
I can only see many a deaf ear to my heartfelt plea.

I loved and I have lost, yet this pain it survives,
In my blood does it run, in memories it does live,
Far away, in a land unseen, where I cannot go,
She is in pain; I cannot forgive myself I know,
For what she did want, I could not give.

Tonight is the end, of this life that I now hate,
I see Death calling me, that aura to set me free,
Without that love, I just cannot now live,
For the pain I put me through, I just cannot forgive,
Goodbye cruel world, this is the last you shall see of me.


  1. Wonderful poem, bro! Rilly felt the pain coursing through me! Sad but true story of someone who really knows what love is and what it feels like to lose your loved one! Truly Awesome work! :)

  2. @Leo: call me crazy or whatever you feel like,
    i call this one your master piece.. and my "It wasnt easy, was it?" connects with this one so well..
    thank you for writing this one Leo..

  3. nice signature style leo

    u made my job easy..i was about to ask u an autograph coz a marvellous poet u r :)

    as for the poem...each line is a beauty

  4. thanks maverick...! :)

  5. masterpiece? thanks kajal...
    its an old old piece...! :)

  6. autograph aparna? u couldn't mean me..! but thanx! :)

    thanks for likin the poem too...

  7. @Leo: who said old piece cant be a master piece..


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