January 18, 2009

For You, I'll Make It Easy...A Reply

A reply to Pink Orchid's Poem....."It Wasn't Easy, Was it?"

Yes, It feels strange tonight,
The sky with the moon and the wind,
The mourning cries of the stars,
Haven't failed to reach my ears!

I know how you must be feeling,
Claustrophobic, nervous, apprehensive,
Your persona describing in vivid detail,
The telltale signs of pain and despair!

But remember that I am there for you,
To dig you out,
No matter how deep you have buried yourself!
To pull you back,
From the edge where you dangerously sway!
To grab you in midair,
And set you gently on the soft grass!
To be your wings,
To break your fall and help you,
Glide into those velvety night clouds!
To be there waiting on the ground,
To cushion your fall!
All this so you enjoy,
The exhiliration of flying through the air!

Yes, It feels strange tonight,
The sky wid da moon and the wind,
The mourning cries of the stars,
Haven't failed to reach my ears!

Let me shield your ears,
From those haunting cries of the stars,
With me there will be no stopping, no end,
Together we will see the beginning of a new day!


  1. nice to see two top poets vying with each other... u n orchid...

    your rhyming is apt, somewhat serene... and i am not speaking in a bad way. it gives that certain spark to your works.

    it proves poetry is not always abt rhyme, its about emotions too.

    well penned, the maverick!

  2. Thank you so much Leo! Your comments are valued and help me better myself wid each passing day!
    Though ur comment on me bein one of the top poets is a lil over the top [:P], I am honoured coz u said so! Cmin frm sumone as gud as u, it feels gr8!
    Ya nd on da fact dat poems r nt always abt rhyme bt emotions, I agree completely! Cheers!

  3. @Maverick:
    and a tear trickled down,from my eys to my cheeks,and thank you from holding it before it fell to the grounds..
    i am speechless..

  4. @Leo: you will always remain the Legend of poetic replies of the recent times...
    we all are inspired by you Vinu,
    -this one is straight from my heart

  5. @ Kajal
    I don't know about you but when I do reply it is always from the heart and so its always true! :)
    What you make of it I don't know but your poems always tend to cause an emotional turmoil within me and elicit a response from me!
    I hope you understand, coz I hav a tendency of talkin a whole lot of emotional gibberish! :P

  6. @Kajal: to that Orchid says you are just like me...
    and i didnt call you a friend for nothing.. :D

  7. @Mav: oops.. i meant @Mav and not @Kajal.. :)

  8. @ Kajal
    Thx for understandin! Hav rarely found frnds who understood me! To do so at such an unlikely place feels like a blessing from God!
    nd ur small typo was acknowleged as a emotional glitch! :P

  9. wonderfully crafted poem mav

    keep it fun!

    its a feast for the reader in me when u n pink r humming poems beautifully like this

  10. yes seconding leo...its true whteva he said

    i shud say some heavy use of words....beautiful and a nice reply

  11. @kajal,
    i maybe the legend of replies, but u r overtaking me real fast, and i m glad to see that...! :)

    glad my comments help. but i speak from heart usually, and u r pretty good with words. regardin the "as good as me" part, thank you. thats an honor.

  12. @Mav: wo! heights of understanding..

    @Leo: kill me kill me..

  13. @ Ste
    Thanks bro!

    @ Leo
    That honour for you was well deserved! :)

    @ Kajal
    You can count on me for dat! :)

  14. @Mav: ok then i am counting on you.. :) cheers!!


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