January 22, 2009

The day when it started and ended.......

I approached her with a card and red rose on my hand.It was Valentine's day.It was the same day four years ago when we met .Since ,then we are friends.I don't know what to say.Things have changed.Is this because of hormonal changes in our body or am I maturing?.I didn't knew what happened to me.
She induced changes in my life.Being a talented girl,she accepted my friendship 4 years ago.Am I lucky enough to enrich her friendship? or is it because I have developed a special feeling for her.I don't know whats happening with me.Am I in love with the angel?. The first time when I approached her was a different scenario.I believed that she would slap me ,but she gave me a smile.I couldn't read her reaction.Why would she accept my friendship despite of the fact that she didn't speak to me ever before. Its her pleasant smile that attracted me.The angelic eyes mesmerized me.During these 4 years ,I guess we were just friends.I was much like your other friends,ain't I ?.But ,why did I think the other way . Why did I approach her on 14th Feb 2007?. Did I do that for the just sake of doing it or was there something behind it.You did scold your other friends when they tantalized me.Did it mean something to me?. When I approached you for help ,I guess you never refused.But things changed and the butterfly in me started maturing.Was I in love or was that an affection?.I failed to understand this enigma of life.This trauma made me speechless. Answer me why did it all happen? why did we met ? why did you accept my friendship? why did you smile at me? and why did you turn away my proposal? I approached her with a card and rose on my hand.It was Valentine's day.It was the same day four years ago when we met each other. I wished that she would accept me as a part of her life.Little,I knew that a shock awaited me. Even she wanted to say something to me. "I have to say something to you," she said. "Same here," I said. "you say ," she said. "no you first," I said. "I am getting engaged with some one," she smiled. The mountains started erupting in form of tears. My eyes turned moist of a sudden. I gave a gentle smile.I never knew that it could create such an impact on me. "Congrats," I smiled and I left away.
My eyes were laden with tears when I turned away. I soon left the place for I was not in a state of accepting any more disappointments. Since then I never spoke to any one.None of my comrades came to ask a word or more. I felt lonely. I was immersed in my own thoughts until I met some one in the monsoon season.He was the one who got selected with me in Techmahindra. I confessed everything to him. He felt sorry for whatever happened.
He writes stories and my life story created an impact on him that he decided to write few words about it. I don't want any one to read it. Its a feeling that has no bounds. He assured me that everything will be alright. The girl got vanished away from my life.But I would not forget that day. The day when it all started and end. This is for you Ajay.Don't get disheartened mate.Am sure you will find a better girl at TechM.Trust me I am with you as a friend.Since you asked me to write about this I have written it on my group blog.
Don't worry I will bring back your

"Lingering Memories"


  1. Your friend will be really happy dude seeing this ....Love the end ....U should have probably titled it as "Lingering Memories"

  2. That was a heart felt gesture from u ste..!!
    He'll be happy to see this.. :)


  3. awwweeeee...its a cute gesture stibu :)

  4. gr8 gesture ste...i am sure this will cheer him and help him to move on

  5. brilliant gesture..! :)

    hope he be happy a lot! :)

  6. brilliant gesture !! and lovely post...

  7. A nice gesture... and a lesson for everybody in love... profess your love before you're late!

  8. Hey..now that's a perfect friend..!!
    Hats off to your spirit..!!!!


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