January 22, 2009

CrAzY 3- episode 5

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Nik: ‘where’s tarun chirag’

Chirag: ‘hes too upset he doesn’t want to talk with anyone, hows riya?, what did you reply?’

Nik: ‘ she’s upset too, you know the answer I don’t love her, from day we came here tarun loves her, I have never thought about her in that way’

Chirag: ‘Nik you both are my best friends, so listen carefully what I am saying, for few moments keep tarun aside, very rarely you find a person who truly loves you, riya is a good girl , so just for tarun don’t let her go, if you haven’t given a thought till now please think over it before giving any answer’

‘well for tarun he has to face it’

Nik: ‘I know that chirag, don’t worry about riya and my love, my first priority will always be our friendship and riya has to understand this’

‘ I will give it a thought’

Nik: ‘ for now matter in our hand is two upset friends, so what do you suggest?’

Chirag: ‘well lets do it our crazy 3 way’

Nik: ‘I got you so whats the plan’

Chirag: ‘bring your ears’

Nik: ‘bingo lets do it’

Nik goes to tarun

Nik : ‘hey tarun I am feeling too guilty, because of me you are upset today’

Tarun: ‘I am not upset nik, its ok its just that I am bit hurt because….’

Nik: ‘ because riya love’s me right?, yar i don’t love her trust me, but we both don’t have control over her feeling do we? So lets leave this to destiny what say?’

Tarun: ‘ok, you know what love you bro J, hey how’s riya’

Nik: ‘Chirag and riya had a big fight”

Tarun: ‘why, for what’

Nik: ‘Riya blamed chirag that he didn’t tell you all this first up, chirag was upset with riya because she broke your hreat’

Tarun: ‘are they gone mad, I love her its not necessary that she loves me back and chirag didn’t tell me everything because he didn’t want our friendship to get affected in any way’

Nik: ‘tarun just talk with riya and tell her its fine, and lets leave it to destiny and that you have no grudges against her’

Tarun: ‘ok I will call her’

At around same time Chirag with riya

Chirag: ‘are you ok?’

Riya: ‘yes I am sort of hows tarun?, I feel guilty that I hurt him’

Chirag: ‘finally that thing happened which I feared the most’

Riya: ‘what happened chirag!!!!’

Chirag: ‘both had a real bad fight’

Riya: ‘all this is happening because of me, I am sorry chirag it wasn’t intentional’

Chirag: ‘yes its because of you, Tarun was angry with nik that why did he refuse’

Riya: ‘what!!!’

Chirag: ‘yes and nik retaliated saying how could he say that and both of them are really upset with each other, so I request you just to calm things down call tarun and just talk to him tell him its fine, and lets leave it to destiny and that you have no grudges against any one’

Riya: ‘ok’

Her cell rings

Riya: ‘hey its tarun, hello tarun ‘

Tarun: ‘hey riya how are you, see I am sorry for everything that happened but…’

Riya: ‘its ok tarun I understand, I have no grudges against any one, its fine, I just want you three to be as you were, hey are you upset?’

Tarun: ‘no riya its fine, even I don’t have any grudges with anyone, I want you to be as you were with three of us’

Riya: ‘yes I will be always’

Tarun: ‘ok hey lets meet up in canteen all four of us ok be there’

Nik calls chirag

NIk: ‘hey its done lolzz’

Chirag : ‘good work bro, now the next thing you need to do is talk with riya ok’

Nik: ‘yar tu bhi chal na akele kya baat karunga, bore ho jaonga’ she bores me a lot’

chirag: ‘ha ha ha nautanki saala’


  1. last lines brought a smile back !!! loved reading it ..

  2. my common dialogue no.2...tu bhi chal na...lols
    good one bro..its true for us friendship comes always first

  3. so chirag settle the matter again
    chirag is best

  4. wow man...!! another good 'Crazy 3' post....

    Nice tackling of the situation there... There's this 'coolness' in this series of yours... Feels cool..hehe :)

    lolz on above Chirag.. ;)


  5. @Jack: i will comment after reading part 3 and 4... my comment is scheduled for tonight.. :D lol
    exams were going on that's y i am sorry for not following crazy 3..:(

  6. @Prats
    crazy 3 is all about bringing smiles, so i am glad my efforts succeeded :)

  7. @naveen
    well it always is, cheers to our friendship

  8. @chirag
    well each one is best in their own ways but yes chirag did it this time up, but there will be instances coming up where he totally screws his life
    keep watching :)

  9. @ arjun
    hey thanks buddy, glad to see my first series being appreciated,
    well about the coolness i guess the characters make it cool ;)

  10. @kajal
    its ok, same here yar, why in the hell there should be exams :)
    well will be eagerly waiting for your comments

    p.s - even i didn't find time to go through your wonderful poems, will do it soon at one go :)

  11. hehe......knw wat, after reading this, im kinda nostalgic n senti as well. at times i think, finally, when i thought im in love truely, everything shattered around me.

    but hey, i still have two crazy dudes with me who r really close to me, hehehehe, and nik's character is so real life like....take a bow chintu.

    May God bless us.
    3 Cheers to the Crazy 3...

  12. @tuhin
    alls well that ends well, we still best buddies inspite of whatever adversities we have been through,
    so cheers

    well i agree nik is special which brings in all the humor :)

  13. awww... that made me smile. i m in my last sem, n it reminded of my carefree 4 yrs of engg. ahh!!! the memories. :)

  14. @ice maiden
    i am glad that i made you smile :)
    well i know what you must be facing right now, it was tough for me when my grad ended,
    guess what i am facing th same situation again as only 20 days left for my mba to complete :(

  15. hahaahahahaa nautanki!
    i have done a lot of nautankis in ma life..
    i like it when things are getting lighter.. chirag has got brains.. :)

  16. @kajal
    hmmmm chirag's best when it comes to handle situations,
    but he screwed up one big time will come up in later episodes,, will be able to post more after the contest i guess..

    P.S - was waiting for your comments :)


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