January 2, 2009


When in my life is happiness dated?
Oh, I feel so under-rated,
Why am I so ill-fated?,
Life is just so complicated!
Feels like I am tied up with unbreakable ropes,
Into seas of hopelessness, are lost my hopes,
I climb, it's futile, I reach the top,
But I slip, I fall down from life's slopes.....

I come out as ugly-faced,
My true self's hidden, it's encased,
My efforts futile, my life's a waste,
And the truth has such a horrible taste!

I have made a thousand wrong moves,
And I have, but, no excuse,
I could die, I have nothing to lose,
But to fight and live on, I choose!


  1. aww...nice one!!
    we go through this don't we??
    complications and complexities..
    but i'm sure you're a survivor...

    take care

  2. Nice one.. very nice.. Good rhyming.. I wrote some poems.. But couldn't do one like this.. Keep it up..


  3. First *HUG*

    You know when 08 changed to 09, I was in a basement cut off from the world except the ones I loved. I expected things to change in that 1 sec, A new year after all. I came out. My phone started ringing again and then I realised nothing absolutely nothing had changed..

    Hope turns into hopelessness but the good part is that hopelessness too doesnt stay! It wane too..It will change.. Provided you want to move on!

  4. Nice rythm to the poem,
    lovely words to describe the difficult feelings !! perfect :)

    ps: you cud split the first 8 lines into 2 paras...

  5. lovely poem mona!! as usual!
    loved d last two lines! great :)
    but kya ho gya lil finger?? why so serious?? ;)

  6. Thanks for the last line - I lost all hope of getting that ... Hope is the only thing in life, I learn and to fight is what I do ... we do!

    I wanted to be critical about this poem; too much of hoplessness and only one last line? please write four lines more - I'm missing it! If you want not ... I understand; but then, what if I insist? Write for us ... a few lines of hope in the same line ...

    A Hug from me too ...

  7. @ Mona,

    A few lines, from me ... I just could not help writing in its continuation ... Please read, when you have time and let me know if these lines can be a part of your poem ... if not, I shall understand ... no worries!!

    Please check: Complicated... (Contd.)

  8. brilliant.....its a prt of life....all things expressd well......

    reading a rhyming poem aftr a long time

  9. could relate so much, in life there are times when we see darkness ahead and just no where to go, but i believe eventually everything gets alright and there's always light

    nice one :)

  10. @ Mona ...

    Please check this Link in your free time ... I posted the same poem there too ...

    Thanks :)

  11. hey mona, thats great...! :


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