January 13, 2009

26 going on 13

I cursed the coffee in the morning. I just couldnt wake up. I had heaps of work to do. Staying alone in Pune for the first time away from parents who were back in Mumbai had turned into a nightmare. Most days it was ok. My room-mate and I would somehow manage but it had been a week since she left to go back home. Well, lucky her, I guess.

It was finally the weekend and I was on my way home, almost falling asleep at the wheel. Driving and sleepiness is worse than drinking and driving. Just as if to add to my miseries, my phone started ringing. It was somewhere deep down in my bag. I stopped. Not wanting anymore trouble with the traffic cops. It was an unknown number. It was the hospital. They said my mother had trouble breathing and had fainted on the way to the temple. They asked me to come there immediately. I assured them that I would. I called some of relatives staying closer to home and asked them to reach the hospital as I would at least 2 hrs more. Once at an interview, I was asked what is one quality I admire about myself. I said I loved the way I kept calm during crisis and after it was over I let myself panic. Thats exactly what I was doing now.

My uncle told me he was rushing to the hospital and would be there in 10 mins. Assured, I started driving like there was no tomorrow. Moments, happy and sad were flashing in front of me. The look in her eyes when I told her I was leaving. The fights over why I wasnt married even though I was 26. Oh Ma, I'm sorry for all that. I'll come back home. I will find a job in Mumbai. I will give the entire arranged marriage thing a try. Just be safe. Just be ok. 

1 hr later, I was at the hospital, unaware of how I had survived through Mumbai traffic. There had to be a guarding angel. If just it had taken care of Ma too. I rushed into the hospital and enquired at the reception. She gave me the room number. I went there to see Ma having a hearty laugh over something Uncle had said. I looked through the windows. I looked at my mother, aged and grey, how had I not seen this? I looked at her. I suddenly felt my knee give away. I sat outside the room to gather my strenght. I closed my eyes and let the world fade away. 

This is just part 1 of the story, I think..(because with my mood swings, I abandon stories very easily) I will most probably have another part soon!


  1. rashi, this NEEDS a second part, and more! so mood sab sahi karke jaldi likh! :)

    waiting for it...

  2. I agree with Leo, this does indeed need taking it further... :)

  3. nice rashi but the story has to continue....n pls dnt keep us waiting for long

  4. take it further,
    one reason being " make ma recover from the illness or the stress"...
    i cant see moms getting ill :( :(

  5. you know .. almost once a day i too think of giving a lot of reasons to my mom to smile.. to mend the things in my life wich she does not approve of ... thanks fr this write :)

  6. eager for the rest

    dont make those mood swing sget better of u and do post soon



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