December 25, 2008

Waiting in the rain...

It was raining...

She waited.... at the altar, for him to come...

He waited.... at the border, for the enemy to strike...

PS: The contest may be over... but the inspiration lingers still!! Don't know if this qualifies as a haiku... Will be glad if it does!! Anyway, I was watching a movie when this thought came into my mind... must salute our armed forces for their sacrifices!!


  1. wonderful thought .. pics speak for themselves !!!

    ps : haiku is 3-5-3 or 5-7-5 syllable count pattern ...
    pps: syllable is different from words.

    search net to know more n keep writing :)

  2. yes it doesnt qualifies as a haiku though and nice attempt neha


    pretty i guess that description of haiku was from google search :p

  3. and yeah prats

    u promised me to give me details abt haiku,tanka,haiga

    remember ??

  4. i sure learnt all these from searching net... but here i just quoted 2 basic facts abt a haiku !! n i will start the lessons from new year ...

  5. good one :) i really liked it.. yeah the inspiration is still there, energy isnt though!

  6. Rain? Where is it?

    I mean ... It all happened while it was raining? OK, but I did not get wet a bit in it ... more of patriotic feeling and pride for the men in the force ...

    Sorry, but would like to get more drenched in pure RAIN!

    Hope I was clear in this ...


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