December 24, 2008

Member of month - December 2008 Ste.

Its the last month of the year and its raining on our blog in this unusual period of time.Although it would stop raining by 25th December and the lounge will be back to work and normal posting will commence .I would like to thank every one who has supported this contest no matter it be the administrators,members etc.This lounge is for every one and do remember that without your supports we wouldn't be here.We started with 3 and today we are 80 which indicates that we are the largest group blog in the blogworld.

Let me announce the member of the month for december and its .

Here are the result details.
  1. Stephen 20 (33%)
  2. Arjun 10 (16%)
  3. Sandeep 9 (15%)
The votings for the member of month - January 2009 will start from 7th January 2009
Tan,Prats,Rashi,Asbah,Priyanka,Mona,Lover,Jack,Arjun,Leo are the active members who are considered for the MoM - January 2009.

Member of Month of the Writers Lounge from August 2008

August 2008 - Sandeep
September 2008 - Sandeep
October 2008 - Sandeep
November 2008 - Priyanka
December 2008 - Stephen.

We would love to hear from you.Keep this place beautiful

Regards ,
The Writers Lounge team.

PS:Contest results will be declared by 10th January 2009, and lounge will remain open from 25th December 2008 .


  1. heyyyy...congrats ste!! u really deserved it dis time!!!
    three cheers for ste!! :)

    but rslt kuch jaldi nhi aa gya...dec end kahan hua :P

  2. Congrats stephen!
    And best of luck to everyone!
    May the best writer win!


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