December 26, 2008

Hurt never,smile ever...

Ok the contest is over and the Lounge is back to normal once again.So lets retrun back to normalcy.

There was a boy called 'Joy' in Eastern London .Although he was named Joy,but his personality was totally different.One could not relate him to joy,just because his name was Joy.Joy always had this unique tendency to hurt every one.He did not even spare his dear and closed ones.He used to hurt every one .He seldom spoke and smiled. His teachers used to appreciate about his inherent talents in almost every fields like paintings,singing,writing etc,but it would be annoying for them to see the same frown every time on his face.Joy was helpless for the same reason.He tried changing this unusual habit of his.He started working towards this.His girlfriend called "Smile" left him for the same reason.He always used to curse her in every thing that she did.It was strange that Smile always wished to live with Joy.She could not think of a life without Joy.Joy and Smile were made for each other.They were unseparable .But ,this hurt factor changed their life.An unexpected controversy broke their friendship.Now ,Joy and Smile never spoke nor they met just because of this thing called hurt.Joy wanted to change this habit of his and wanted to live a happy life with Smile. A Smile is what he expected.
Later on he learnt that one should

Hurt never and smile ever.

Now ,Smile is back with Joy.Thus with this post of mine , I want to emphasize on the fact that we unfortunately hurt people by saying few words that may make some one feel bad or may be with our behavior.We often fail to accept this fact that its not we who get hurt when some one speaks against us.Even we do the same to others.Lets change this behavior and let make this place a beautiful place to live.

5 more days for new year ,what is your new year resolutions?

Well I make new year resolutions every year,but I fail to keep it up.
I took an oath to read bible every day on 1st January 2008,but I could not do it due to certain things.
I promised to never hurt any one,but I do hurt people now and then.
I wanted to help others, and yes I am helping poor kids.

This year my new year resolutions are the same.
This is probably my last post for this year .Oh!! yes I have one more post to be scheduled on 31st December at 11: 55 pm. It is some thing about some one special.I loved her since childhood and I am going to reveal her identity on 31st December 2008 at 11:55pm.Do read that.

Meet you on a brand new year 2009.In 2009, I will be completing my Engineering ,getting into job etc.Hope 2009 would be good for every one .

Just write in your new year resolutions in the comment section.

Till then Happy new year and happy Writing.


  1. Hello Stephen,The story written sounds great.I like the intent involved in it.Well there are two things..not only words but also actions,thoughts need to be taken care.Well it is said that when we are pure in words,action and thought..Then only one is called pure in all senses.
    Thanks for such a beautiful story.
    My new year resolution is to not find faults in others and if I had to,then I will look into my faults besides working to rectify them.Challenging my inner negativity,pray to take actions courageously.Make my surrounding a joyful one.pray earnestly for absolute Happiness,peace and Prosperity of all Humanity.

    Thank you.


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  2. cool ste...n i m not waitin 4 31st to know bout dat gal...u bettr tell me now..will catch u...oh oh wait!! i think i hav already guessed!! yes yes i hav..yey..not waiting!! :D

    no new yr resoutions 4 me...i nvr followed wht i planned last no new plans...
    waise bhi...wht v plan nvr takes strange twists n turns which v cnt bettr wait n watch... :)

  3. nice post... i too posted smthing regarding ppl hurting by words... n abt resolution and all, will writ a post soon in my blog !! waiting to read ur next post... tk cre :)

  4. My resolution will be to stop expecting from people. Kind of related to 'pretty's post.

    anyways step , maybe we should keep more contests often or at least a theme of the week. This will help all aspiring writers to really focus on their writin skills....wot say?

  5. So damn true... Me too will try to follow it- " Hurt never and smile ever."
    It's obvious for ppl not to like someone... In such a case the best thing to do wld be to 'Shut Up' and not hurt them.....

    And hey, who's that gal man?? The doctor girl uh??? hehe.. waitin'... :)

    ABt New year resolutions, I've never made one till date.. I make one every month n still dont follow... ;)

    Happy New Year to u too..


  6. Gr8 post..
    As far as the new year resolution is concerned, I dun have any ..but will surely think of something that requires an immediate attention from my side..and perhepas that'll beacome my New Year Resolution.
    Happy New Year to All.
    God Bless..



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