December 13, 2008

Skiddy Rain..!!

(Not for the competition. Just for fun and variety. Enjoy)

“I love rain” I screamed and looked at the rain and the sky, releasing my hands from the brake.

10 seconds later…..

I saw myself sleeping on the road as if using the pavement as a pillow. A few metres away, the motorbike was sleeping with oil leaking out. Behind it was my friend Roshan, the poor soul who was seated behind me. He too laid flat on his tummy with his hands stretched. It looked as if he was taking blessings from the road divider. We discovered that we were lucky to be spared with minor bruises here and there.

Maintaining my posture, I shouted loudly- “ I love rain.”

He greeted me with stones and said- “ You and your stupid rain.”

“Sorry, the bike slipped and I couldn’t control.”

“Did you bribe to get your driving license?”

“Who said I have one?” I replied with a smile.

Anyway, before any trucks could run over us, we got up, lifted, started the bike and left. On his orders, I slipped to the back seat. It was me who had insisted on this ‘outing-when-it’s-raining’ concept. Hence I was the abuse receiver. Anyway, we continued. The ride was silent for a while.

I was loosing patience, so asked- “ Where are we heading to? Coffee Day right?”

“We would have been traveling to hell if a truck or something was behind us when we fell.” He corrected “sorry, when you made us fall.” He looked restless and said- “ We are heading straight to home where you will order for pizzas.”

“ Anything if you are paying.”

“I’m not paying. Who the hell needed this ride when it’s raining? It’s such a pain in the ass to ride on wet roads. You are paying. I hate rain.”

“Are you from Mars?”

I never get replies for such queries. Anyway, we rode along with silence. I felt like I was dancing. I mean, the way he rides the bike is above atrocious. If this guy had a driving license, what else could be more insulting for mother India?

Anyway,I was getting bored. To my left I saw a temple and asked him – “ Shall we go to the temple?”

“Don’t talk. I’ll take you directly to god if you do.”

In a weird way, I feel much closer to god when he’s riding than when I go to a temple. I resemble Gandhi-ji and I follow - "No violence. Only Silence.”, so dint tell him about my feelings.

After 15 minutes, we almost reached home, and he was turning the bike into the street like Rajnikanth.
And I shouted- “Look out you, idi………”

10 seconds later………….

I found myself sleeping on the road with the pavement as my pillow. A few metres away the bike was sleeping with the remaining oil leaking out. And Roshan was again taking blessings from the road divider.


  1. really amusing !!!! specially the way u describes your poses on road !!!

    LOL !

  2. hehehe...arjun...funny guy!! :P
    "who said i hav one!" lol....

    i also loveeeee rain n being on a bike in rain is jst amazinnn......

    ur startin n end ws also like my rain post...same same type...though sooo different!! hope i m makin sense!! hehe..

  3. Oh lord!

    Im sorry but I hate bikers :P And the reckless way they ride!! Sheesh...

    Is this supposed to be amusing? Playing with one's life like that? Do you how easily one can lose their lives?

    Ohk! Now thats outta my system!! Thats something I used to love with a friend...Mumbai Pune Highway..2 o clock in the night and the rains and the Ninja!! Bloody brilliant and thankfully no accidents :P

  4. @ Pretty Me
    hehe.. Thanks.. :)


    I get it.. ;) shame to shame.. ;)


    Hey ya.. u r taking this post too seriously... Dont apply too much logic to my posts.. :)

    All i want is a smile at the end.... :) :)
    Thanks all...
    Have a gr8 weekend..
    Will visit other posts in a while...

  5. Arre that was my first response ...

    Then I remember that Stephen wanted a funny post considering I think we have covered every other genre so to speak! :)

  6. lol ...this was funny ..

    may be you could have shortened it a bit and this would been a nice entry to the contest ...we haven't seen anything funny as yet and dude this one was :D

  7. A really nice post…. And did bring a smile at the end…... I loved it…..

  8. u could have shortened it and given it for the contest!! its brilliant...

    was rofl after reading!! :D

    esp ur description after the accident... hilarious!! :D

  9. that was fun man

    lol in rajnikanth style and yeah i cud imagine why he slipped again lol

  10. ha ha loved that sentence "who said i have one"..
    even i love biking in rain bro..
    i agree with the lot you should have given it for the contest
    anyways it was cool

  11. Hey, Thanks everybody......

    If I send this for the competition, it would dent my impression on the judge... ;) I'm a very serious guy.. ;) lol

    Anyways guys, i still feel u can read and maybe have a laugh at this, but it's too senseless for a competition....

    Hope thr r no casualties after this post.. ;) Lemme know if I should or could write another such post...


  12. a very serious guy, i wonder if the hell would have broken lose if you were a funny guy, huh!

    I smiled here, there, everywhere!

    damn, so good! i have no logics, no hows, no why for this one!

    totally enjoyed it, that was what i was wanting from you :) Thankyou!

  13. it was hilarious for 'A very serious guy' i wonder, what would have happened if for change you were a funny guy!
    the hell would have broken lose!

    (my amendment of prev comment, which was somehow, not good enough!)

  14. after readint this, i did not have to check the author name :P

  15. hehe,....
    I had written... - I'm a serious guy... lol

    That 'lol' means more than the line before it.... If u could understand....

    And abt ur doubt, 'Wat if i was a funny guy?'
    Simple, u wouldn't have invited me into this lounge. I would be somewhere where doctors would be checking out ma head .....

    Anyways, Thank u....

    And Pretty me- Thanks for those lovely gestures....
    I guess u r very intelligent- Ur comments can be taken either way. Double Just kidding... Thanks :)

  16. haha lovely post man..very funny esp. coz i have had an accident like dat..(i was driving hehe)


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