December 24, 2008

The rain and him

“Can I be there with you for the evening?”, he asked.

“You can do anything you want.”, she replied.

“All right. May I be there with you?”, he asked again.

This time she looked at him, as if trying to read his face, his eyes and his soul thoroughly.

“Some thing is wrong with you is it?”, she quizzed as if cracking a joke.

“Yes. Something is wrong. And I can’t go unless the half good and half bad thing is ok”, he replied in a sober tone.

He sounded hopeful, and that gave her strength. She wanted to feel it strongly now, that it was her, and he would tell it to her pretty soon.

So she paused for a while and said, “ You can wait. But you need to give me some good reason for it.”

He stood up immediately and screamed, “A good reason for your best friend??”.

She giggled and said, “Well, why not!”.

“I’ll tell you this time… the reason..”, he said.

Her heart skipped a beat. She almost could see him telling that to her now.

He continued, “The reason… the reason is love..! yes love!!”.

She could not stop smiling, and dreaming. Her world seemed to have stopped for the good this time.

“Finally…”, said she, smiling and blushing.

“Yes, finally I had the guts to ask her out. God! She was just more than willing and that gave me such a high! And now, if I move out in the rain, I’ll spoil the flowers I bought for her, also the dress. So yes, I am here .Thank God you exist! Else my first gift for her would have been all messed up”, he said all this in a hurry, moving towards the window.

“Oh , the rain’s stopped.”, he smiled again kissed her on her cheek, “See you later. Love you. Pray for me. Ok?”, and he rushed out.

She watched him run down the pavement, through her window, towards the same place where once he and she had a “mock date”.

She smiled, looked towards the sky and said, “I wish it didn’t rain. But keep him happy always.”

Closed the window, and vanished somewhere inside her house.


  1. so nice !! i could feel the unsaid pain for the girl ... this one was a fresh wiff of air !!

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  3. It was nice....
    The feelings are well expressed towards the end...

    but I could somehow guess the ending..!! maybe becos of my wicked brain.. :P

    Now, write abt that mock date ya.!! :)


  4. different...different...he he...first one in which someone curses the rain...different...nice read yaar..liked your previous one more arjun could guess the ending coz i share that wicked brain characteristics with him...but was a pleasant read...i liked the flow of your piece...we want the mock date write up...we want the mock date write up...let the sun rise post christmas :-)

  5. Awww! I dont have a twisted wicked brain or maybe I am romantic..But it hurts when some1 you love doesnt love you or rather doesnt love you in the way you want!

    I could feel her pain and it sucked :(

  6. love and rain ...mixes very a vodka with sprite

  7. in start your way writting reminded me of CECILIA AHERN's Ivan but later on you cleared my mind's illusion..

    nicely written..

  8. in start your way writting reminded me of CECILIA AHERN's Ivan but later on you cleared my mind's illusion..

    nicely written..

  9. :).. thank u so much people! What no one pointed out was.. I wrote within the word limit!! Yay!! :P..

    n.. I will be putting up the Mock date pretty soon :)


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