December 23, 2008

The Rain and Me

The sea, so calm, sat next to me,
The scarlet sky, my ceiling,
I sat, with my thoughts, beneath the palms,
As slowly, the night was unveiling.

Fishermen’s boats, out afar,
Approaching me, like a friend,
The monsoon clouds, threaten,
To bring my thoughts, to an end

Distant thunder, echoing loud,
A flash of lightning, lights the sky,
Only a moment, before the rain pours down,
In the rain, my heart does fly

Walking in the drizzle, I hum,
A bird, voices its songs with me,
In these serene backwaters,
That is like home to me

When I was young, I had danced,
In this rain, untamed and wild,
Now I hold only memories,
Moments like these, I wish I was I child

Bottom Image:-figothecat


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