December 21, 2008

My rain

People sing you are my sunshine,

I say you are my rain.

The dry, patched earth waits

Just I like yearn for you.

The song-bird awaits

Just like I ache for you.

The monsoon arrives.

The earth rejoices,

The water from heaven

Freeing her from bonds unknown,

Take her to a place

She has only dreamt of.

The song-bird sings

Of pleasures only she knows,

Her love is back

To fulfill every desire, her every wish.

The tree reborn,

Her life is new,

Nothing like her ever knew.

Nothing has changed.

Nothing is the same.

One day, I’m sure,

You’ll come too.

One day, I’m sure

I feel like them too.

One day, I’m sure,

You’ll be here to stay.

And like the rain,

You will not ever leave.

One day, I’m sure.

I was in middle of a really boring chapter when I thought of this. I guess I should really start studying if it gives me inspiration for more poems :) Hope you will like it :D

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  1. very sweet !!! wat was the chapter abt ???

  2. You sure should study more often!!! ;)

  3. very very very GOOD! ..
    keep writting...

  4. lol @ neha.

    I know, i wrote my most favorite and creative stuff while doing final revision for taxation.

    And i can swear upon it that tax is one of the most boring thing you'll find!

  5. I was studying training and development in Industrial Psychology.. :P

    I will study more pakka :)

    Thanks guys :P


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