December 20, 2008

I hear thunder

“I hear thunder…,” sang Babli, her finger on her right ear, showing off her newly acquired knowledge to Khanna uncle. This rhyme was her favorite! Usually, after she had enthralled her audience, emotional aunties would go gaga over her, saying “Oh, so cute!!” Ironically however, she was petrified of the same thunder that was an integral part of her act.

Babli, my younger sister, was four and I, eight. And since her arrival, no one was interested in acknowledging my presence. People were all over her, while I fumed in a corner, consoling myself with my best friend—Barbie. Even mummy and daddy were always on her side, saying “Pinky, you should understand… she’s your little sister.” Unwillingly, I had to surrender. New toys were showered upon her, while I had to plead for the smallest of things. How I wished for a chance to get even with her!

One day in August, we both were at loggerheads with each other, wanting to play with Barbie. “She’s mine,” I said, snatching Barbie away, “don’t you dare touch her!” Babli started crying. I waited for the impending doom—mummy’s thrashing! Fortunately, mummy had to run an errand and didn’t have time to arbitrate. So, we sat far apart, in two corners of the living room, making faces at each other and not talking. Mummy then announced,” Pinky, granny can’t come to baby-sit you today. You have to take care of Babli in my absence. I will be back in an hour. Be a good girl.” And she left. We both were still in our earlier state of war—I kept myself busy combing Barbie’s hair, while Babli engaged herself in some scribbling with crayons.

Dark clouds had gathered in the sky. It was going to rain heavily. Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning followed by a roll of thunder!! And Babli came running to me and hugged me tight, her eyes tightly closed. Reflexively, I hugged her back, as though protecting her, telling her she’s safe and secure in my arms!! She needn’t fear anything or anybody as long as her big sister was with her. That was my moment of realization!! All our tiffs, envy, and the desire to get even were gone. I felt a deep sense of responsibility towards her. We were still lost in our hug when I heard the door unlock and mummy walk in. However, Babli still clung to me. Thunder was all that it took to get us together… forever!!

And as I sat down to type this out, a window popped on my computer: “Di, I think it’s going to rain… I hear thunder.” It was from Babli—now happily married and staying in the other hemisphere. Instinctively, I typed my reply: “Big bear hug!!!”

PS: This is especially for my little sister, Mona. It's 463 words, but not my official entry for the contest anyway. Please bear with me for the 63 extra words!!


  1. oh neha.. this is so damn sweet... the sweetest post ever.. i literally have tears in my eyes right now...

    you have been the shade in the sun,
    you have been my umbrella in the rain,
    been my protector in trouble,
    and my companion in pain,
    together we have laughed,
    and together we have cried,
    don't know what i would do sis,
    without you by my side!!!

    love u dear sister... u mean the world to me...!!!

  2. reminded of my sis... bet she is fuming at me fr nt calling her till now... ;) cute story...

  3. ohhh..dat ws sooo touchin...
    really nice neha...d para in which u desribed d thunder n d touched me deeply...

    really cute....
    n given dat its 4 our lil dat makes it even spl.. :)

  4. so touchning neha

    reminds me of anupriya sister

    we fight but at times when we r away we do miss each other

    nicely written

  5. n ya..dis pic is soooo cute...spl d little very cute!

  6. Ohh..!! Tat was so touching and cute....

    I could so much relate to it...

    Just too good for a post.. :)


  7. i cried too. reading this post, man! so amazing, so touching!

    i dont have a sister, but i have best friends i can relate to them and since i Myself is the Elder sister, i am the pinky in this case i can guess this. I hated brothers for driving all attentions from everyone to them.

    they're in karachi now and i just told pri that i cried missing them, they're my siblings by chance after all and best friends by choice!

  8. That was a nice tribute ....Kudos !!!

  9. I'm supposed to be the big sis but by nature Im not.. My baby bro no more a baby is so much mature. Once we were sleeping and I was crying bcas of a tiff with some random person.. And my bro hates hugging, kissing or physical touch..But at that time, he just touched his back to mine and I felt that "Go to hell, world. I have my brother" :)

    Who cares about those 63 extra words or the world outside, we have our siblings, our lives..:)


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