December 12, 2008

The Monkey faced fiend .....

Shana was sound asleep as the hour hand of the clock struck 12 at night. As usual ,the monkey faced demon appeared in her dreams. For the past 4 weeks ,the fiend harassed her and tortured her in dreams. The Ogre threatened to kill her. It was a month full of nightmares for Shana. The monster resembeled Mojo- Jojo of the powerpuff girls. ”You stupid lady ,”the ghost spoke in her dreams . Shana was afraid and got up. This night she was all alone as her parents and siblings had left for Brussels. She was sweating profusely,she was thirsty. She moved on to the kitchen to fetch some water . As she was moving ,she could hear the pours of the rain , the thunder and the lightening. She felt as if her dreams turned into reality. It was heavily pouring outside her house. She sighted a structure that was following her. The fiend would not let her sleep. ”I will kill you”,the line buzzed her ears everytime. She was weeping all along. The monsters face reminded her of the school excursion . She recollected that night when she was all alone with Roysten. They made merry and they mingled . They slept under the huge Banyan tree. A monkey was keeping track of everything happening. It made sounds and tried to play pranks on them. Roysten got furious and shot the monkey dead. Ever since then,Shana used to get such nightmares of a monkey ribbing her. It was a rainy day ,with the clouds shedding tears. Shana couldn’t inform the police as the fact was unacceptable. It started raining heavily and she was leaning on the chair. The ghost ,tried to scourge her again and again. As she closed her eyes,she felt as if some one was soothing her body,providing her a good massage. She soon got up and ran around the corridors. She heard the same sound,what the monkey made when Roysten shot it. Shana was terrified and ran here and there like crazy ,she called her Paa ,but the phone line was dead. She was in a hurry to get out of the house. The staircase was drenched with the outside rains. She soon slipped from top and perished on the spot. There was no monkey faced monster in real, it was her illusion. The place was drenched with her blood diluted with the rain waters. The monkey died while it was raining,so did Shana.

word count = 383


  1. So you have bettered yourself? 2 deaths instead of 1?

    Loved reading it though in the end I was like WTF!

    I shall read after sometime and comment again so that Im outta this shock!

  2. wow dude... steph... u rock!! :)
    falling down the steps?? innovative!! :)

  3. i liked the tone of the story ... but the ned was bit dragged ... it can be made a bit better i suppose ...

  4. LOL @ rash..

    okay a good try at horror and fiction, but some how it was hilarious, i found myself smiling..

    a few jarring facts, i will come back and point out.. gotta go now :(

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. well a good try but yes a bit dragged ...

    btw I hv edited my story everyone ....So those who didn't understand :P...check "That feeling of guilt" on the left side of the page :)

  7. sure Anurag :)

    and ste, you will get a reply soon :P

  8. Death in rainfall is becoming common - if this continues - I might stop loving the beautiful rainy season and start disliking the aweful same ...

    Right from the pic to the names of the characters to the mention of PowerPuff Girls, I felt it was some kind of comic story ... why you kill? YOU KILLER? You guys kill one more character and I report it to the police ... get me straight on this ...

    Mindddddd itttt!!

  9. @ Leo:

    No inovative .. Bhoothnath movie me bhi wohi hua dost ... same stairs - same blood - same negligence - same despair - same lonliness - same result - death!!

    @ Stephen:

    You shocked people ... does that suit you? Stop killing you guys ... too much of death around ... spread love ...

    Well, I did not kill the lady in my story - she was already dead when I dropped in to tell the tale ;)

  10. hahaha tan thanks for ur comments mate

    well i never sen bhootnath movie naaa

    haan i like killing character on my stories

    so can call me

    character killer

    hahaha :p

  11. wow stephen.. nice one.. more so because i could relate to it.. my friend and i while playing once had killed a sparrow by mistake.. till date when i hear a sparrow chirp i get guilt pangs and dread that day.. !!! the mix of fear and guilt have been well portrayed.. great job !!!


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