December 24, 2008


The trouble with incessant rain is that it fogs up your vision. With an effective suppressor and a fantastic grip, the Bennington 460e was the best sniper rifle in the black market. Even so, technology had to bow down to the erratic temperament of Mother Nature as I struggled to get a clear shot.

A hundred yard shot was a piece of cake. The roof of the Parson’s hotel gave a much better view of the building across the road. All I needed was one clear vision of the General. The General was due anytime now. But I had to get the vision clear, right on the crosshair. I did not care who wanted him dead and why. All that mattered to me was the cash that would be deposited to my Swiss account as soon as I put a .22 slug through the grey matter of some nondescript being.

The rain had no intention of stopping and I lay silently in the dark recess of the roof of Parson’s Hotel waiting for my prey. The cold winds added to my woes and I only hoped that I would have time before the guy opened his umbrella as soon as he got out of his vehicle.

A dark blue sedan pulled in on the curb. That was the car as per the information provided. I steadied my grip on the rifle and took in all I could see through the visor. Time slowed down as I readied myself. The door opened and a guard stepped out. He glanced around for a second or two and beckoned the General out. The ever conspiring rain now increased its intensity.

Finally the balding head of a corpulent middle aged man showed up on my visor. I didn’t inhale, couldn’t afford that movement. And as the rain hit me with a savage force, there was a clap of thunder. I didn’t know whether the gunshot corresponded with the sound of nature’s fury, for I was blinded at that moment. All I could see was red rain pouring through my eyes. The skies seemed even darker and I slumped onto my back. A man in a sinister trench coat had a gun pointed at me and it’s barrel billowed with fine misty smoke. Somewhere through his dark countenance, a badge reflected the moonlight onto my blinded eyes.

Word count: 392
Image: self made on Corel Photoshop


  1. strong !! and ever gripping !! :) one of the best and glad for this flavour to the contest !!

  2. Wow! It was damn interesting and now we have this angel too in the contest... :)

  3. a gripping post...a completely new angle...i really like your helps the reader paint the scenes in his mind...the narration was flawless and was fast paced, completely in sync with the genre you attempted...surely amongst the best ones here...welcome home ashwin..would love to see more of you here....cheers!

  4. woah woah..!! Mr. James Bond (Though James Bond would never die :P )

    Superb description buddy... A totally different kind of a story presented here.... I had the feeling of watching an action flick....


  5. Great story... but I am not surprised!!! One more addition to WL legends!! Welcome aboard..

  6. woww

    interesting story bro....diff from others .....count this one as a top story man

  7. thank you everyone.... i dont know what to say...sniff..sob..whimper..i'd like to dedicate this award to ...

    oh...i havent won yet...keeping fingers crossed

  8. it hit me hard.. pretty strong.. :)

  9. it hit me hard.. pretty strong.. :)


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