December 7, 2008

A Meaningful Conversation

S: What are you doing?
A: Touching you.
S: Why?
A: Because you're "it".
S: I'm "it"?
A: Yes.
S: If I'm "it", what are you?
A: I'm "not-it".
S: You're "not-it"?
A: Yes.
S: Can't we both be "it"?
A: Nope.
S: Why not?
A: What would people think?
S: What people?
A: Those who make rules.
S: What if we broke the rules?
A: Nope.
S: We wouldn't have to tell them.
A: But how could we do it?
S: We could both touch at the same time.
A: Really?
S: Yes.
A: And then we would both be "it"?
S: Yes.
A: I like this idea.
S: You're it!
A: So are you!
S: We did it!
A: Yes. Together.
S: But don't tell anybody.
A: Why?
S: They might get the wrong idea.


  1. No, No.. i didnt get this one?

    someone explain please?

    but yes funny :P

  2. I would explain what "it" means but that would spoil the fun. For those in love, it would be easier to understand. And it looks funny, but dig deeper, it's something more. All the best!

  3. Don't tell me. I'll come back to this when I fall in love. Be prepared to answer if I still don't get it then.

    For now, it's just hee hee funny. :)

  4. Please explain or else Im getting not so nice thoughts :P

  5. S did warn me that people might get the wrong idea! :D

  6. hey adi...wat was that...went over my head bro...bataaa...tell or else we would have to continue it in a similar fashion as "A kiss always means something"...he he..joking clue n i shud be able to make sense out of it...plzzzzzzzz...

  7. hehe..I will tell but years later maybe. I gave a big hint though..if you are in love, it will be easier to understand..let's just say it has something to do with looking for love and finding it in the end.

  8. i also agree that this just doesnt make sense man.....d day u posted it...i asked ste...dat whether i m so dumb or lover is extra smart...?? coz i cant even get a damn word here! ste d gr8 told me that i ws actually dumb....though d idiot himself cud not understnd it either!!

    so plz throw some light!! being in love doesnt help either!! :P


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