December 6, 2008

Break Up....

"It's over", you said with no emotion,
And walked away with the other girl,
Those words slashed my heart like a knife,
And the bleeding was uncontrollable.....

I still remember your false promise,
That your love for me would never change,
You broke your promise, and shattered my dreams,
Left me feeling lonely, shocked and strange.....

I gave up everything for you,
My dreams and my desires,
And you gave me only pain in return,
You set my emotions to fire.....

Am still roaming about,
Trying to collect the ashes,
Still trying to heal my heart,
Full of bruises and scratches.....

This break up has broken me,
Shattered me to a million pieces,
And though I try to act strong,
Deep down, the pain never ceases!!!!


  1. superb mona! so touching....
    n u sure rhyme it all...all d time! ;)

  2. Nice poem...................were you inspired by past experience?

    I just came to your blog from Arjun and it looks like a gr8 place.......I too am a writter and aspire to be a journalist someday........Plz. let me know how I can join this amazing place............I would love to share some of my ideas...
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    Hope for a reply from you...


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  3. Superbly written ....
    Nicely Rhymed ....

    Just one tiny thing ..shouldn't it be "on fire" rather than "to fire"...The latter doesn't sound wrong though :)

  4. hey i know it hurts a lot, but eventually everything falls in place..nice work

  5. great poem! and keep the faith! u have better things coming your way! i speak out of experience!

  6. break ups are very difficult to handle. i can understand. have seen hell lot of people suffer. my own best friend died cz she couldn't handle it.
    but i know you're strong Mona.

    coming to the poem...heart rendering...and touching...
    Take Care

  7. really touching..
    and all one is left with is memories

  8. @ all... thanks for the appreciation... and the poem is inspired by a hypothetical situation... i havent really had a break-up... lol...

  9. i dono i skimmed through the poem.. maybe because i dont want to cry again!

  10. The pain will cease,
    Bind into one will all the pieces,
    Keep hope, keep faith,
    This too will end!!!


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