December 30, 2008


She came back after meeting him. It was the first time they had met. She sat down and made a list. She called it : ' The list of things before I meet him the next time.' She had atleast 6 months to get these things done.

She numbered her list. It read:

1. Get dad to buy me a 5mp phone. The pics we took this time didn't look that nice. We need much more than just 3 pics together. 
2. Lose weight. The next time I meet him, I want to shock him. I want to look stunning :)
3. Get something done to my hair. The travel made my curls crazy. I wonder what he thought. Must find a way to make it look atleast presentable if not stunning. 
4. Learn to stay quiet. He must have thought all I can do is talk and talk about nonsense. 
5. Carry sneakers. I went trekking in flip-flops...He must have thought I was a dumbwit. I must pack days before so I can think of such things.

4months later.

She had the latest 5mp phone. She had lost 7kgs and was still losing. She found the perfect products that suited her hair. She had somewhat became quiet. She had 3 new pairs of sneakers. 

A lot had changed. She no longer had a reason to meet him. 


  1. Oh Yeah..!! So true.... I mean, 'be what u r' shld be the mantra right....

    This post- there is nothing in it... but there is so much in it... That's the beauty... Gr8


  2. WOW!! loved it. hehe, very funny, and so real. in fact i myself have done something like that :) except that i am not a 'she' :)
    - Jagjit.

  3. Is it Fiction or ...? :P
    This was smthin that happened to me once expect the climax :)
    Nice1 !!

  4. tht y ppl date?? scary :|

  5. I agree to Arjun's observation... it has smthing predictable and yet good about it...its not exceptional or extraordinary on the surface…yet…

  6. ahh ....nice rash...... list of things to be done and finally done ....and no longer had reason to meet him :)

  7. hmm... I've never done something of this kind but yeah, I guess some of these things apply 'all' the time!!! esp for those who care too much about what the others think about you...

    And yeah this piece could really be a personal experience... :P

  8. Its not about what people think about you...Its about what he thinks..None of us are sooooo sure and confident that it doesnt matter what others think. It does especially that one person and even more so if you are going to meet every 6 months... Dates every 6 months hurts!

  9. Rashi.. the post comes at the right time, considering new year's round the corner and it's the time for resolutions... this time, with a difference..

    Ur post has inspired me to stick to my resolutions this time around.. and yeah, I have made my own list!!

    Thnx dear!!


  10. opposite to neha, it made me feel happy that i never stick to my resolutions, resolved that i never will too.. but then, this is again a resolution.

    I have no net, awful headache and workload.

    All i am thinking of is romance and everything related to it.

    grieved and devastated, because of some stupid reasons, i am adoring this post already.

  11. Hey ... I thought only a few people can think putting themselves in the shoes of others ... I knew writers could and I felt only great writers could ...

    I dont know if I can mention Rashi as a great writer here, but one thing is sure - this piece is very good ... being a girl and writing this makes it awesome ...

    Keep it up mate ... :)

    Tan :)

  12. @ Tan,
    Obviously you can mention me as a gr8 writer ;)

    But why is it more special bcas I am girl *confused* Where have you been now a days? Busy with work?

  13. @ Asbah,

    Awww *Hug* I miss you everyday... But the woes of the net! :(

    Take care of yr headache, girl! I hate headaches!

  14. @ Neha!

    Maybe we can all make lists and post them here and make sure we each stick to it! Maybe a new contest ;)

  15. @Akanksha (Hope I slept it right..Too lazy to scroll up and check)

    Its not about the lists only..Its about thinking and feeling and then suddenly there is no reason to do so! It hurts

  16. @ Scarlet and Arjun,

    There wasnt an attempt to make it extraordinary. From the heart and hence touched yours :)

  17. @ Crd!

    What is the reason that people date?

  18. @ Born Vagabond

    Im glad the climax changed :D

  19. @ Jagjit

    Gr8 minds think alike, what else can I say?

  20. You know what? I liked the part when you said that she did not need him anymore - at the end? Yeah!

    Its actually a boy's feeling ... I mean, normally ... in general ... This is what I felt after reading the story first time ...

    I am here ... was a bit busy during last week ... took leave from office and roamed around Bangalore with wife and friends ... was not involved anywhere ... but I missed you guys and visited the lounge often in between and shouted aloud! Hope to be regular, when I am in office ;)

  21. i like this one !!!!! better coz she wasnt sad coz of it :) !! love too fades w2ith time ... and distances add to the cause lot more ... wonderfully said Rashi :)

  22. ws a post dat ws simple but spl...d last line actually...
    but...i dont get it... is it dat d gal became stunning n she thot d guy ws not worthy enuf for her? n hence d love went away?...or what??
    if its dat logic...den...i dont like it!!

  23. @ Priyanka

    Nono! Its just that she had dreams of doing blah blah before she meets him next but then she has no reason to meet him !!!

  24. @ Aarti


    @ Pretty Me!

    *sigh* If the post were to be captured in one statement..that would be it...:) Thanks for understanding!


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