December 29, 2008

Sandeep (B)Malan in Ameriga . - Back with a bang !!!

It was October 2008. BBC world came up with a Breaking news .Every one at "Airvoice" were busy working.Asbah Khan came running towards Sandeep."Merlynch and Lehman gaya kaam se," her voice went low of sudden.She was worried for once.She believed that economic crisis would provoke Airvoice to fire atleast 2000 employees.Asbah believed that her name would be in top 10.Sandeep was showing deaf ear to Asbah's concern and tension."Apun hamesha Airvoice ka employee rahega ," he was assured that they won't fire him out.The great economic crisis didn't even spare "Airvoice" telecoms.The MD announced that by 3 pm the list of removed candidates will be displayed.

Every one at Airvoice were anxious; some were praying."Adhan da ,Idhan da Sandeep Malan naan thaan daa(This or That ,this is Sandeep Malan)," Sandeep was busy singing a song.It was 3 pm and Ramu kaka posted the list on the company notice board."Yays!! i am in airvoice yippiee ,"Asbah shouted with joy.Sandeep was happy for her but it was limited for only next few seconds .A shock awaited him."Yaar,sorry to say, Dasvidaniya Sandeep," Asbah said without a smile.Sandeep poked her nose as he believed that she went for Dasvidaniya movie without informing him.
"Oyii ,chupp kar Asbo dear ," he uttered .Asbah informed him that he was fired from the company. Infact it was Sandeep who was the only person to be fired."Ayyo Kadavale," he said in typical Rajni style.He felt low as he was the only one to be fired from Airvoice."Saalo ,Kaamino.... m%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%, why just me?" he shouted at every one and he left.

His dark brown face turned red in anger .He was crying like crazy at the CST railway station."Amma,Amma" he screeched.That night he slept at the railway station.He soon left for Kerala without purchasing anyticket.The train reached Mangalooru and it was another shock awaiting him.The TTR was busy pulling out money from every ones kitty.Sandeep was lost in some deep thought."Aye Chettan,unda tickets evaddo daa(hey brother,where is your ticket?) ," the TTR had an impact of a Mallu tone."Poi koo ,Poi koo ( get lost ),"Sandeep said in a low voice."CHTT,PTTT",the TTR soon gave him a tight slap and pulled out 1500 bucks from him.Every thing that was happening around Sandeep was quite unfortunate.He cursed his fate.
Finally after 58 hours of journey he reached Trichur.
"Ding ,Dong" he rang the door bell."Anna ," shouted Sandhika his younger sister.She asked the reason for his frown.He never spoke a word.His mom fed him with his favourite Iddiyappam.

Thousand thoughts poking his mind.
hundred dreams shattered at home.
handful of hopes thrashed.
Airvoice.once ???

How would he inform his parents that he was banished away from his office.He was put to a fix.He never wanted to spill the truth.He remained silent for few days.He never bothered to call his peer Asbah at office.He never spoke to his parents nor Sandhika.A jovial young lad from Kerala went into depression.He never came out of his room.His bag was filled with Rajini kanth hit movies and Rakhi Sawant songs."Meoww ,Bhooo!!," he sometimes used to behave as if some wild cat bit him from behind .He used to dance on Rakhi's song on full volume.

Days flew like anything and Sandeep was jobless.He wanted to work in US,but he never knew US was in Africa or America.15 years ago when is geography teacher Muthusaami asked him the same question."Ayyo, Saar, Ameriga is near Kerala and Tamil Nadu," he gave a confident answer.But poor Malan little he knew that one day he would be thrashed out of his company.He got freaked out when he saw his name in that list all alone.There was no one to accompany him in that list. Now ,he decided for once and for all."America, done done !!," he shouted as if it was some Rajini song.He rushed towards Sandhika to inform this as she was the intermediator between Sandeep and her parents."Amma, anna wants to go to Ameriga," she said in a typical mallu tone.The mothers eye brows raised as Sandhika came up with this news."Amerigans themselves are finding it difficult to get a job after this eco crisis,how will u ?," she asked his son.Sandeep said " Amma ,naan idha kettu vellai panna matten,naan idha ketu velai pannuven(Mom ,I don't listen to my mind, I listen my heart.
,"he said pointing his heart.His mom didn't knew that this was a famous dialogue from a Rajni movie."What will u do if u don't find any job in Ameriga?," his dad asked him."I will sell vada paav in America,"He indicated that people in US are fond of Indian food.Finally the parents agreed and it was time to dance again.He went to his room and danced to full volume."Thii Thii, jagajothi jothi," he behaved as if he was drunk.
On the other hand Richa was waiting for him to return.She loved him like crazy .He was everything.She once told Sandeep that she will wait for him throughout her life time.Sandeep informed every one about his travel to the US.He asked everyone to gather at the Mumbai airport to bid final bye.

"Ameriga povaan Sandeep Malan(Sandeep Malan is flying to Ameriga)," he yelled with extreme joy.

Language Translation.
Ameriga povaan Sandeep Malan = Sandeep Malan is flying to Ameriga.

Thii Thii, jagajothi jothi = a tamil song from the movie Sivaji.

Amma ,naan idha kettu vellai panna matten,naan idha ketu velai pannuven = Mom ,I don't listen to my mind, I listen my heart.

Adhan da ,Idhan da Sandeep Malan naan thaan daa = This or That ,this is Sandeep Malan

Aye Chettan,unda tickets evaddo daa = hey brother,where is your ticket?


  1. Wishing Sandeep good luck and a pleasant stay! Waiting to read about Sandeep's days in the US.

  2. ste..funny..another gud one...waitin for next dis series of urs..
    hmmm...u r gettin too real wid names n places..hehe

  3. hehe...Ste..!! Had a good laugh..!!

    Hoi Steephin..!! Whad willl ungle Sandeep do in Yemeriga...?? I'm waiding...!! lolz ;)


  4. hehe u keep waiding

    ungle sandeep will rock ameriga and amerigan girls in ameriga


    oir hostress in flight n all

    u just keep waiding bro

  5. He should meet a hot amerigan jobs in 2 shifts.. should get a angry boss named stephan.. haha.. cant wait..


  6. hehe...sounds real exciting...
    Bring it on soon...

    Yenna da Steephin..!! u dind read my story vonly... Very bad pa.... ;)
    Do it fast appaa... fastu....


  7. i will read uvar post

    keep waiiding

    Ungle sandeep will rock


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