December 8, 2008

The Legend of Mussadi-Man (Blogisode 1)

Enough of stories...Time for some visual adaptations....It's movie time at Writers Lounge...and am here with my homemade Superhero flick "Mussadiman" to entertain you all, all this month....Please note that the script for this movie was written in an hour and the whole movie filmed in a day, during my MBA days. We started off in the evening armed with a digicam shooting scenes around the campus. But as the light faded we had to switch the location to my hostel room, because we had already committed to showcase it before the batch the very next day. The room was so shabby that we had to use a bedsheet in the background to hide the same. I hope that you find the story so riveting that the bedsheet in the background in the subsequent episodes fades into the oblivion...Enjoy my first shot at direction n filming n editing n mixing...he he...a total crackpot of a story....hope you enjoy the 8 part extravaganza!

(*This is a work of fiction. The characters are imaginary and bear no resemblance to anyone living or dead. Any resemblance, if any, is purely coincidental and unintentional :) )

Mussadi was a lonely soul. Right from his school days he had been yearning for friends. Though academically superior, he was always a beggar when it came to friendship and love. These were things alien to him. Was this god’s will to put a condition on his very existence and keep him deprived of these? This was one question Mussadi always asked to himself. From his school days, for reasons unknown, Mussadi always had a penchant for girlish stuff. He would derive pleasure from smelling lipsticks and rummaging through handbags of aunties who visited his home. He used to get strange sensations whenever he did so. He had felt an irresistible and unexplainable power reek into his veins every time he did so. But, never had he known what proximity to a girl was. He had never known what loving a girl was. He yearned for the feminine touch, the care and love his sweetheart would shower on him. He dreamt of a future which would be his. He wanted to conquer the world. As luck would have it, he landed up in mechanical engineering after finishing his schooling. What followed was a 4 year drought wherein he saw guys mingle with girls in other departments. He could not muster the courage to talk with them. Emotions surged within him but he could not find an outlet to his mounting frustrations. Such was his turmoil that he did not mingle with his batchmates even. He could not see anything materialize in his 4 years of engineering. That was when he decided to bell CAT and do an MBA. He had been told that peer to peer learning would be what his soul was looking for. This was to be his nirvana, he thought. He got into the School of Management after a good show in CAT. With dreams to conquer the world and make some close friends he entered the hallowed portals of the School of Management. Lets me take you to the School of Management. Let me take you to meet Mussadi…..


  1. Awesome !! m looking frward for more ...

  2. thanx yaar...7 more episodes of the series lined up for you...hope you find it as "awesome" as the first part...cheers!

  3. hehe 7 more episodes

    we have already seen this dude

    u proved that ur a genuis now

    writers lounge will see one of sandeep balans greatest work and achievement......a good director

  4. LOL.guess what i can see it all online now :P

    Thanks to the BB :P

  5. great to see dis amazing series here too.....i remember it all...all scenes...n it was fun watchin it all over again...
    i remember pehle kitna wait karna padta tha har episode k liye...!! ab atleast vo to nahi hoga...hehe..

    amazing work my director/actor/writer.... :)

  6. @ste

    yaa...but i couldnt resist frm introducing mussadi-man to those who havent met him...hence posting it here...


    yey!! hope you are able to enjoy it this time around and will not be bogged down by dial up probs...cheers!


    thanx a ton...i still distinctly remember the way you used to pester me for preponing the next episode or getting a sneak peak on what happens next...he he...

  7. cant wait to see how it goes.. reallyy cool one.. must say.. n the tanhaee.. was brilliant.. i do hope mussadi man has some luck :)


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