December 26, 2008

Do people

Do people really change?
or is it just an excuse,
to get away from things,
and people of no use??

do people really forget?
or is it a gatherd act,
to escape your mistakes
and decide not to react??

just few lines on my current thoughts ... Was wondering about friends lost and hurt ... for mistakes of their own or smtimes mine ... :(
but then getting back is never so easy !!


  1. people dont change and people never forget.
    wha they do best is pretend and BE INDIFFERENT...
    thnks it works for them but then they dont think again when it comes around exactly the same way to bite them in the (&(^@(&@)....

    People are People wherever they are.

  2. I completely disagree with the first comment...People do change..Are you the same since always? People do forget.. Otherwise we would be living under the cumulative pain of so many years..

    Why people change? Bcas nothing is static..Friendships form, friendship fade , love blooms, love withers.. We have to accept it and deal with it.. It hurts, it sucks...But NOTHING is permanent. Not you not them!

  3. well, getting back was easy for me. May be u didn't try.. Do this.. after a short time..

    "name", I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that day.[Or I shouldn't 've say/do that.]

    That will work most time.. if You're good friends.[but to bfs/gfs this wont.. N i suggest don't go after them again :P]

    And people changes.. forgets too..But not forever..

  4. People are people,,,, nice thought seher :0 thanks for the read !!

  5. Ppl don't change's the circumstances that do ....

    Or may be rephrasing that ..I guess circumstances change people .....hmm..tricky that ..really tricky ....But yeah on second thoughts .....I really think the latter that now sounds apt :( .....

  6. I do feel ppl change.... But the fact is they wouldn't realize that they have changed......

    And i dont think ppl forget.... As u said- it wld be a gathered act to escape their mistakes.....

    These r deductions frm my personal experiences.... but then I still don't have clarity...


  7. U.Sidharth : Thankuuu

    Ashwin : Thanks for the read :)

  8. Very strong reply Rashi !! but right said i guess... We too change so why expect others not to !! i just can not figure out why this happens :(


    but this is life !!


  9. Randeep , i am glad that you could get back to your friend so easily ,, :) and i liked the last line of your comment !! :)


  10. yes ppl change..n dats coz dey choose to change..choose to turn their back to someone they valued once...
    but ya situations in life too chnge ppl...
    talkin in d context in which u wrote dis poem...frnds n hurt...circumstances dont drastically chnge b/w frnds...its obviously a case of chnge in feelings n hence of d hurts..yes.

  11. anurag... thanks for confusing me dude !!! :P

  12. Change... I think people learn!
    Forget... I think people forgive!

  13. pretty!
    we often feel bad that ppl are changed but we dun realise we do belong to d same category..

    very true!

  14. yes people do change ......any doubt

    coz my girlfrnds say that i am not the same i used to be 2 yrs ago.....they say i have changed to such an extent wht do i say......but who knws ???

  15. Arjun, i still am not sure of people changing.. but yes, i do think ppl act to forget !!

  16. thanks for the good understanding Priyanka !! nicely put your thoughts..

  17. Randeep ..i think ur comment shud be :

    Change... I think people should better learn!
    Forget... I think people should better forgive!

  18. May be I'm late in saying so - but I love this poem ...

    People pretend go away - and people feel shy to not come back ... the distance between two individual is always infinite, until it is nullified physically ...

    I feel it ...

    ... Thanks ... :)

  19. People shy to come back ... very true Tan !!


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