December 17, 2008

Hope :)

And there she was, clinging on to her big purse on one hand and umbrella on the other, looking beautiful as ever as she headed towards me. I was looking for some company for that last mile and she obliged to join me. Our umbrellas collided all the time as the rain refused to die down. I wanted to start the conversation but I had come to know that her boyfriend had dumped her few days back and so didn’t want to relive her pain. Instead I wanted to tell her all that was on my mind.

I wanted to tell her how wrong it was for me to be so insecure. How I wished now that she would return to me again. I would do all that it takes to keep the relationship going. Now it would be me who would be responsible for all that would go wrong. But I couldn’t, I could not get in any words. Wouldn’t it be so selfish on my part to convince her now? Why should I want her to believe me?

Finally we reached our destination. It felt weird, speechless the whole way. I actually didn’t mind spending everyday outside her house in the pouring rain, just to tell her how I felt. And then in the end I finally managed to utter “Sneha”.She looked at me, it seemed her eyes wanted me to say something all this while. She Waited.

“I ….I……. well….well………”

*A loud nagging noise from somewhere*

“Will you directly have your lunch son?”


As I drove to my office, I saw the black clouds gather. It sure would rain heavily I thought.I somehow managed to reach office some 20 minutes late. Boss gave me an angry look which I had somewhat got used to. As I sat in my office chair, my friend cum colleague Sumeet said something in a very hush-hush manner.

“Sorry… what? Didn’t get you?

Dude I said Aditya dumped Sneha

I pinched myself.

Word Count:331


  1. brilliant bro

    a diff try haan
    completely diff that the other thriller story

  2. i lovedddd this one !!!! one of the best in the contest :)

  3. @ Stephen

    Thanxs Stephen ...Yes I tried to make this one different ...I wanted to see if I can write a loved Story and hence the Attempt :)

    @ Pretty me!!
    Thanxs a lot :) So do you think this one's better than the story that u hadn't understood "That feeling of Guilt" and should I send this one for the contest ??

    P.S : I wanted to end the Story at "Mom"(see the Story)...But then I thought the ending should be happier for a change and hence the end ..I hope I did the right thing :)

  4. haha.. It was nice.. Really nice...
    Wonderful narration.. :)

    And Aditya aka Lover- Wat kind of a person are u, man?? U dumped Sneha?? Even after watching Titanic like a hundred times..!! lolz...

  5. @ The Lover

    hehe... sorry bro ...didn't know that your name's Aditya... lol :P

    @ Arjun

    Thanxs mann :)


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