December 27, 2008

Her step to the sweetest crime....!!

Don't know if this post will be worth a read but just felt like posting it here...


She was watching Rab ne bana di jodi with her parents....
Throughout the movie there was just one person in her mind....
It was him....
She wants to sing the song for him :-
"Tujh me rab dikhta hai......Sajde sar jhukta hai"....
She wants to tell him every bit of emotion she had experienced throughout the movie.She wishes to watch the movie with him,hold his hand,hug him tight and declare to the world how much she loves him......

She's the girl who wants to tell him "I love you".
She's the girl who wants to tell her friends "I love him"
She's the girl who can't wait to tell the world that she's in love with "SOMEONE"....

Someone who's so amazing
Someone who's so caring
Someone who's so loving
Someone who can show her heaven on earth
Someone who's everything for her
Someone who means the world to her

.........But she's just another good friend for him...
There's where the story ends but the girl has imagined a different story...

She's finally in love... For the first time in her life she's felt so wonderful.

The girl oblivious of the bitter reality has finally started dreaming,making lovely fairy tales for her life and living those sleepless nights she had only heard of from movies,read in the cheesy love quotes she had collected and those english love songs by Bryan Adams....Finally she had learnt the meaning of all those lyrics 'cause they were the words she wanted to say,the words which she might never say...And most important she had also learnt the meaning of INSOMNIA...



  1. who said its nta worth to be read..

    its cute and very realistic... especially the end part gals.. do xperiance this i dont know y... :(

  2. it was lovely!!
    so very true..evry word...i cn relate..not only relate...i was just surprised coz u hav written my story yaar!!
    how come? :P

  3. @ Illusion

    Thank you so much.M glad you liked it.

    @ Priyanka

    Thank youuuu....
    Everyone has the same story perhaps.Only characters change.Wish things weren't so complicated in life.I genuinely pray no girl's situation is like that of the girl in the post


    @ Born vagabond

    Thanks a lot;Also for following my blog.

    Loved your blog too,specially the title.

    Tried commenting but couldn't.Will try again tomorrow :)

  4. read again :P
    its ditto ditto same!! from d lovely song d desperation of d fact tht she cnt wait to tell d world bout dat d decription of dat d fact of jst being another gud dat wonderful feeling for d first dreaming..making fairy love songs n dat too by bryan d fact that she might never say...
    oops oops...u got it all correct!!
    i m amazed!! ;)

  5. So. very relateable... :)

    Nice post.. :)



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