December 14, 2008

He feared rains

He feared rains.

It was raining,like the day she died.

Just then he heard a baby's cries in the garden.his neighbour's kid was stuck in rains,all alone.

He deliberated but with the next cry,he ran outside.

He failed her that day, but saved a life today.

He no longer feared rains.

ps : This is a 55 fiction ... means it has just 55 words .. just an experiment :)


  1. 55 words only perhaps...
    but that 55 words spoke volumes!! loved it a lot...

    nicely penned prats!! :)

  2. thanks vinay ... sorry i always call u with ur blog name :)

    glad u liked my try .....

  3. umm, thats no problem...
    u can call me either one, its ok.

    small correction...

    i dint "like" ur try...i "loved" it. like a poem speaks thoughts in a different way, ur story does too...!! :)

    but m new with stories, i know only poems...!! :D so i hand it over to the better writers here, to do it justice and back my views!! :)

  4. Omg! I was just thinking of something like this that is a short story less than 100 words...

    This just to prove that the amount of words are no measure of the power of the story to be told! I loved it! Brilliant!

  5. hehe! lovely! i am challenging myself for something of a like too, my last two posts at my blog also depicts that i am falling for very very short pieces, of never having to explain anything, weird for someone like me!

    but anyway, repeating what i said at rashi's story, i simple loved this one too biya! awesome :)

  6. hey yes guess ......i have beaten u guys

    nicely done pretty

    check my 35 words post

  7. @ Leo : just like u, even i am more into writing poetry so short writes suit me :)

    Thanks for "loving" my write ...

  8. thats so nice of u Rashi .. for appreciating so much of my writes... n i agree.. words can not be a judge for the feelings ...

  9. thanks asbah!!! n i too love short writes.. leave a lot of scope for the reader to imagine...

  10. Love this photo. Contain a meaning of human life inside.

  11. loved the feelings behind the story.

    "he no longer feared rains."

  12. Welcome Tikno .. and thanks for the comment :)

    @ Lover : thanks for the understanding ..

  13. Hey- "Pretty You" .. ;)
    This was awesome... So small, so good n so complete....

    Hey, can anyone find other words for - good, awesome n so on..... I keep writing those again n again... But i mean it everytime i write it...


  14. ha ha .. Arjun .. ur comments are as good as ur post ;) !! then u too will have to find words for me to thanks you everytime :)

    Thanks Karmasura :)


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