December 31, 2008

The year gone (2008) ...

A friend turned his back,
that was in Jan this year.
still hapiness crawled upto me
Feburary saw me smile back.

Orkut poetry forum i joined
that was in march i recall,
it was a nice thing in April,
as i explored my poetic art.

My parents visited me here
that was the wondeful May.
June was the blessed time,
visiting me,someone's love came.

A friend i cared for,turned
out to be so fake in July!
Auguat saw my work and poetry
each day,scaling new heights.

September i was alone but excited,
after an year's difference,
i went home in october month,
growing another year with elegance.

November was a confusing time
daily mind fought with heart,
and with new hopes for next year,
in december,i let our love depart.

I never reached the stars,
in any of the month or day,
but whenever i tried my best,
star dust lit my life's pretty face:)

Inspired from here !! ( prompt : Star Dust)


  1. U r too good..!! :)
    Nice one..

    Happy New Year..!


  2. thankuu "where words..."

    @Arjun : thanks dear... happy new year t you too !!


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