December 5, 2008

...Like A Star...

Like a star...
a star..
a star..
a star...
Like a star..

The music picked up the groove slowly, so did the moves. The seduction of his body was taking over her soul. A dimly lit dance hall with mirrors reflecting pure love between the two of them. They were drowning in the beats of the song and the feel of the moves. Her high heels in her long bare legs made him weak in his knees. She was just so sensuous. So beautiful a girl to make him drool for her. She knew her moves. She knew her body and she knew how to use it to attract him. She knew it too well in the dance. And the dance so sexy, that it would make all the spectators leave the hall, for they couldn't see both of them touch each other with all the lust they had.

The beats were going stronger, so were his breaths. He breathed on her white flesh. His dark warm breath made her sweat. He moved her along his firm structure. Her eyes rested on his...still...not blinking even for a while. He knew she was loving him for the way he guided her through the lyrics. The song was coming to its end. So was their dance. They wanted more. But everything has and end. He saw her asking for more of it. He promised her the same for the next time. The last line had them strike a pose. They were tired...breathless....but loving every bit of it.

Argentine Tango had both of them craving for each other even more than they could ever desire. Is that why my instructor always tells me to come with my boyfriend???


  1. i got goosebumps reading this one... wow!


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