November 1, 2008

A tear Speaks for Itself...

I was entrapped in your Eye
Ever since you were hurt and went through pain..
But now I am free
I am glad your efforts went in Vain..

Why do you hide me away
And never give me my own space..
I know in my presence
You loose the beauty of your lovely face..

Every time you give me vent
I relieve you from the burden of your heart..
I prepare your soul
For a fresh and hopeful start..

However long the tale is
I cut it short in breadth and length..
Don't think of me as a Weakness
I am your Innermost Strength..


  1. Gosh! It's so sweet. Really.

    I loved the way it ended :)

  2. wow!!... that was realy realy beautiful... very well written... !!! great rhyme too...!!! keep it up... !!!

  3. that was such a touching piece...dont think of me as a weakness...i am your innermost strength...was such a nice read..great to have you back here charu...the quality of the posts here keep on going up few notches every single day...way to go!

  4. Awesome-ly put.

    Exactly your kinda stuff :)

    specifically the way you said that tears make us stronger... so true!


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