November 1, 2008

The Legend of Sandeep Kanth (Malan) - 5

(This post is not intended to hurt any one)

"Man with underwear rocks Marine drive",said Avantika the news reporter.Hearing this statement,Sandeep's heart came to his mouth.He remained stunned for a while."The guy seemed to have worn a blue color underwear,people say that some one called him Malan",She continued .The channel was telecasting the image of the guy with his face scrambled.Within no time he realized that that guy was none other than him.."Ayyo Kaddalavala ..Aaandavan eppo yaarai sodhipaan avan ukku teriyada"(god doesnt knows when he troubles any one) ,he said in his typical Rajnikath ishyle.At the same time ,"Ding dong", Mrs.Shakuntala had rang the door bell."Mr.Malan did you roam around yesterday without wearing your pants",she asked casually."Who told you?" was the question that supposedly Sandeep asked her."Headlines today is talking about some guy called MALAN,who roamed around without his pants",she winked.Sandeep soon refused to accept that it wasn't him.Sandeeps image was already tarnished in his society and this issue would be like adding fuel to fire.He learnt that only his watchman knew about this pant thing.He soon ran down through the stairs and bribed him.He gave him around 800 bucks and asked him to keep this as a top secret.The watchman accepted it and gave him a wink which suggested that he won't reveal the secret.

"Oh!! Mummy mein fass gaya",he yelled .Sandeep didn't want to spoil his so called already tarnished image.He was still having Richa's green duppatta with him.Richa demanded it to be dry cleaned from a laundry before returning it to her.Moreover Supari bhai was giving his regular supari's by remninding him everytime."Grr Grr," and it was a missed call once again from Asbah.He soon caller her and informed her about everything happened.Asbah was giggling all through out.She asked him to take leave the next day.Sandeep was depressed and felt low.He wanted to conceal his identity as Malan.Now he thought for a while and he soon got an idea.He loved that "Style " song from the Rajnikanth flick "Sivaji".In that song Rajnikanth was dressed like an European National with blonde hair."What an idea sirjii!!!", he praised and thanked Rajnikanth.The next day he got up at 9 am .As usual,he went to his pooja room and prayed.Rajnikanth would be glad to have adie hard fan like Malan who treats him as a god.He soon rushed to a near by Shopping Complex."Sexxy,Garnier color naturals hai kya",he asked a nearby sales woman giving her a big grin."Vaise ,Sandal bhi hai ",She got vexed."Sir ,tameez se baat karo don't use words like sexy and all",and she handed the garnier mens hair color to her.Sandeep apologised."Arey mujhe yeh nahi dusra color chahiye", he said.He never knew the color.He tried explaining her ,but to vain, the sales girl hardly understood any thing.Now,Sandeep got pissed off,he could not explain her.His eyes soon sighted an English woman with blonde hair.She looked like a 27 - 30 year old woman and she was buying feeding bottle for her 8 month old baby.Sandeep was not interested to quarrel and fight with the salesgirl.He went to the woman and pulled her hair as if she was his slave."Stop Stop",she
screamed and yelled, but Sandeep turned a deaf ear to that.He dragged and took her to the sales girl.He pointed her hair and said I want this color .The salesgirl could not stop her laughter.He could have evaded himself from doing such things ,but he couldn't.The English woman slapped Sandeep and one could see all her five fingers on Sandeeps right cheek.Every one looked at Sandeep as the "chttttt " sound of the slap was audible to everyone over there.He was embarresed and his voice went low."Take this and its called Blonde",the sales girl handed the hair color to him.He apologised to the English woman."Chttt", and he got another slap on his left cheek from her husband."Saala,mein maar khane ke liye paidha hun", he said to himself and
he left.He next went to a well known familiar make up artist and asked for a moustache.He made many demandings such as it should be thick and should be like Rajnikanth's moustaches.He finally got settled with one and left for his home.It was now the time for makeover.He colored his hairs and he placed his moustaches at the proper place.He let it dry for few hours.After
everything was done,he went near the mirror to see how he looked.He slowly uncovered his hands that was covering his face."TATATA TAAAAAAAAINNNN",and he screamed .."mummy ,bhoot ,bhoot ,bachao".Only then he realized that it was him.He could not recognize himself and he was very happy at that instant.Now he wanted to get rid of that "Malan" factor.He shortlisted few names like kumar,balan,chalan,dalan,milan.But he wasn't happy with any of them.He thought of a good name and finally an idea struck on his mind and he shouted "Sandeep Kanth"."Yippie!!,I got a new name ," he screamed."Sandeep Kanth" will rock the world.He wanted to give Asbah a pleasant surprise.He waited for her to come."Ding Dong ," rang the door bell."Who is this??are you Sandeeps dad", she asked him."No,No", he said .Asbah soon gave him a punch on his nose.Initially ,he was been slapped by 2 foreigners."Asbah ,stop",he obstructed her from further attacks."Sorry, Sandeep", she placed ice on his nose.She was not happy with his joker look.Sandeep had to do this in order to conceal his identity.She was impressed with his approach and he asked her to keep it as a top secret.
'Joker !! Joker Kanth",she yelled probably making fun of his new look.
Asbah was his only best friend in "Airvoice Telecomm".

The next day he went to office and he had to face some bad experiences.
"Yeh circus nahi hai ,get lost,"the poen thrashed him.
"Arey,Ramu kaka," Sandeep yelled.

"Kaun hai aap,Joker lagte ho," Ramu kaka said politely.

"Kaun hai voh joker," Stephen D'silva ordered Ramu to throw Sandeep out of the office premises.

"Sandeep Kanth ,"He shouted...

(PS: Sandeeps new look was some what like this


  1. ha ha...too funny!! gud gud ste!!
    "waise sandal bhi hai!" lol...
    n amazin sound effects...hehe..."chtttt" "tatataaaainn" he he...

    funny man...waitin 4 next part now...

  2. ty ty tyhanks a lot

    yippie sandeep

    am waiting for ur comments man

  3. lol.. cant stop laughing!! each part of dis is hilarious!!

  4. monaaaaaaaaaaaaa...shrutiiiiiiiiii...twinnnnnnnnnn....grrrrr....stop some for the next part...stephen tune merese part 5 likhne ka right cheena hain have made it more tough for me to counter that dream move of yours...par koi nahi...haarke jeetne waale ko hi baazigar kehte hain...ha ha ha ha(evil laughter)...tu toh gaya...ruk bus...i am back in mumbai tomm and phir toh my pen wil yield one more attack...ruk bus...wait karo....

  5. stephen...waise good one...cudnt stop laughing was hilarious....cudnt have been better....pat on the back...bus...dosti yaheen tak...after that pat i now have the stick and pen back in my hand...part 6 will be out in the open soon...tu ruk jaa...Mr. Stephen D'silva...ha ha ha(*evil laughter)

    (* when will you improve on the silly tense mistakes you keep on repeating in every post?? part 4 was full of it)

  6. ha ha ha ha

    ha ha ha ha

    ha ha ha ha

    controlling my laugh.. or atleast trying to.. oh well.. it happens..

  7. ha ha...twin...aapke comments bhi na..itne funny hote hain...!! "pat on the back...bus...dosti yaheen tak..." he he..

    ye series to mast hote ja rhi hai...waiting 4 wht u write nxt..

  8. @ malan

    i wud have cared if i read it once again but i don't........any way never mind....its ok ...i will write part 6

    u just wait and see dude more fun coming ur way

  9. Oh god, maybe thats why i love you people. you poke each other so much :D

  10. Now, *reads the story* lol. very funny ste :P actually Quite hilarious the way you put it, belieme !


    and me in airvoice telecom... doesnt matter as I have a chance to punch sandeep's nose even if it means rubbing ice-cubes on the wound later on :p


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