November 21, 2008

.. and you know, what?

Staring at the floor and thoughts flooding
diffusing the raunchy castles, once fantasized
adhering to thine, now leaving away, delights
gloom filled in eyes, so strange seems the twilight
often, being snuggled by your deep inward sigh
he won over all the worldly fictionous cloud,
now, what the win or what the loss, alas!
whilst, starting the day as early as from dark
"to breathe" is all he assign, in his "to do's" merit
what a twisted turn, has he took out of his lyfe
that, no more living doth he feels, no matter what
see, what your giggle has done to him...
nor the gloom filled days, make him question anymore
nor do he, giggle along million of things, once used to do!

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