November 21, 2008

Oh No...!! Not Again....

“Good Morning ! You can use the bathroom first today” said my smiling sister. My God ! I can’t handle such big surprises that early in the morning. For the first time in my life , I reached college with 30 mins for the bell. Then came the good news – “The last date for submission of assignments is extended by 2 days ”. For once I felt – “ The world is so nice , lecturers are so sweet & I’m so very lucky ”. I reached my classroom & as a routine walked up to the guy who is the topper of my class to kindle him off and said – “ Hey buddy, ask me if you have any doubts. I teach better than girls ”. With a Charlie Chaplin look on his face, he replied – “ Are you alright ? ” . I un-temptingly refrained to say – “ You egg-headed rascal . You minus the ‘ syllabus in your head ’ equals only a Papaya seed. (Wow, that was too complex even for me. But actually I always wanted to say such facts to him as he perpetually pisses me off). Then entered my lecturer with the ‘Examination Result Sheets’ . To my surprise, I was announced as the class topper this time. Elated I became. Everyone started clapping hands and I felt augmented & happy, though I always felt ‘clapping hands’ was a silly, childish gesture when I was on the other side.

I was over the moon & everything seemed so rosy-rosy. Just then I heard some weird sounds tickling my mind. I contemplated the sounds for a while only to end up shouting- “ Oh Shit , it’s my alarm & I’m still on the bed ”. I just couldn’t convince myself that it was all just a dream.

“ Oh Noo….. Not Again…”

“I’m using the bathroom first ” said my kind sister. Asusually, I reached college with just 5 mins for the bell. The last date for submission of assignments wasn’t delayed. Not for once I felt- “Such a battered world , lecturers are atrociously sulky & I’m ‘light years’ away from being lucky ”. I went straight to Mr.Topper and asked- “ Dude, completed the assignment? ”. He said- “ Ofcourse. Submitted yesterday itself. You didn’t ? Don’t worry, ma’am will screw you ”. My lips were rattling with countless special words. I recalled the ‘complex dialogue’ of my dream and said it straight. Before he could even understand it, ma’am (aka terrorist) stormed in with the results sheets in her hand. To my awful luck, I was right in her way when she almost bumped into me. It was then she realised that I’m a ‘not so favourite’ student of her & asked- “ Where is the assignment?”
“Kick my bad luck to the core” I thought but said “ I wrote it but forgot to get it” .
She wore this expression on her face which reflected a thousand synonyms of ‘Get Out’ .
She said- “ Haha, nice joke but an old joke. Get Out”.

So, that meant I had the privilage to visit the library, where I came up with this small, silly poem –

Sleeping in the bed cozy-cozy
Everything seemed so rosy-rosy
Entered into reality
Now everything looks hazy-hazy

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  1. dis on ur blog too...funny!! with a cute lil poem....


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