November 21, 2008

Admit It

I saw you once again,
I heard your voice again,
but I pretended not to listen.
I dreamt of your love,
of our secrets we promised,
we won’t tell.
I walked past you,
the things you said stopped my love.
There were no walls, no doors,
no scorns no tremors.
Just coincidences?
What about a heart broken to pieces?
Selfish girl.
No time, you have no time.
and yet you spend hours.
No more phone calls, no more messages.
Chilled to the bone, I hide under cover,
and whisper up against the shadows.
I don’t rue you for your absence.
I wanted to taste you behind the veil,
wanted to pierce your desire to no avail.
The vessels of denial bear flowers to graveyards.
How could you?! How could you?!
I made myself available,
I said I wanted to kiss you.
So much more was on my mind.
We should’ve overcome hesitation.
You shouldn’t have judged me whatsoever,
I shouldn’t have judged you whatsoever.
We lay in bed and marveled at ceilings.
I wanted to at least understand your body.
Your rebellious mind would not admit me,
and your commitments were too awry.
We failed a glimpse of passion,
Admit it.


  1. i dono why this post is lacking a comment.

    I was very recently a part of the story that could have been the prelude to a fairy tale, but the prince turned to a frog, even before the kiss. So the I is the kissless-frogless princess.

    sad. I know.

    But the same things remain in the end, we could have touched the stars and could have fathoms the unfathomable seas.

    could have. only if he understood.
    my desires. my wishes. My wants. My wonders.

    But I can blame no one..

    This is a good poem, and since i can relate to this i am saving this one in my lappy to return to it often. Thankyou.


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