November 22, 2008

May be... May be not

The smell of coffee fills the air. She is talking to 2 friends, making one the butt of her jokes. She dressed up well today and for a change, she actually looks darn pretty. Pretty enough to sway him off his feet, she hopes.


He walks in. He looks darn good. She is swept off her feet. Actually, she just missed a heartbeat. If someone looked real close, they would see the blush in her smile. He looks at her and she knows that she knew all along that he liked her… or may be not.


“Looking sexy handsome” – her friend, who is also his friend


“They are making me walk the ramp.” It’s the office fest.


She laughs, amused by the idea. She is after all, before everything else, his friend.


He ignores her amusement, completely engrossed in his worry.


“I was supposed to walk the ramp with a chick. She bailed out.”


“The chick ditched you. Hee Hee” The butt of all jokes attempts a target


Target fails.


“Don’t worry, we’ll find you someone” - The common friend.


“I hope so. How do I look?” – Her cutie-pie


“You look good.” – 2 voices in unison.


He looks towards her. “Snob, I asked something”


“Your wardrobe is missing a tie” – The Snob


“I have it here. I just don’t know how to put it on”


“I’ll help you”


The moment she adores- being close to him. Hoping he feels the same way about her. She helps him with his tie. She likes his choice of colour – pink.


“There you go”




A moment of silence and the language of eyes. Or was it the moment of her overtly positive imagination.


The distance ensues. They become aware of 2 other presences in their moment.


No one notices anything, or may be she was the only one who thought there was something. 


  1. Awesome Vinisha.

    this happens, the may be, maybe not thingie. and we tends to believe what we think is true. I simply adored this piece :)

    welcome in!

  2. perhaps there wasn't anything in him for her.. we often tend to start imagining things for our dream boy/girl but many a times we are wrong.. :(

  3. yes no wonder Karmasura. Sometimes even the very apparent is nothing in real :)

  4. The May be May be Not phase actually takes you to extremes of your feelings - elation and disappointment. Not many feelings can do that to you.

  5. awwww.. i know these moments.. there is the feel of things.. but just tht things havent been said out.. and u dont know what it is that ur supposed to do.. wether u an take the first step or not.. because if its jus an imagination then u might offend the other person.. all ifs n buts..

    lovely post dear.. :)

  6. Nono! Im a romantic and my heart says there is something there.. It doesnt matter whether he loves/likes you back..Enjoy your feelings..I have been there and been hurt and it feels loverly :)


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