November 22, 2008

Towards Destiny

"You can never go home again"
Thus spake a wise man
Years ago, of how Time
Has that fascinating property
Of lending distance, excising
Incisively, through experience, any
Tremulous familiarity with a past.

Nestlings fly away,
Rarely ever, to return to their
Nest of birth;
Though Salmon brave
The currents to reach the
Old spawning waters;
Nothing less that a cruel
Destiny awaits!

And while that invisible
Umbilical cord strains
With time, and its ally, distance,
One forgets that the
Process of Birth
Is a one way street-
A that cord can
Never be retracted!

Thus, as Time oxidizes
Rusts the sheen, and finally
Shows the doorway:

The game, it moves up, another level.

Usha Pisharody
5 July, 2008


  1. Home is where the heart is.

    I read this poem and I hope no one has his/her heart stuck up in the past.

    I like the thought this poem puts forth. It's too good to be false. :)


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