November 22, 2008

The inner voice....

Someone speaks from inside me,
This voice eggs me on to live,
My inner voice is pure,
It teaches me to forget and forgive,
This voice leads me on,
When life gets out of control,
and gives me strength and confidence,
To fight and reach my goal,
And when life turns unfair,
And everything seems untrue,
When today pains me,
And of tomorrow I have no clue,
This inner voice of mine,
Speaks out loud and clear,
Motivates me to keep going,
And God seems to be near,
Hope I am never separated,
From this inner soul of mine,
May it always stay protected,
In my tiny heart's confines!!!!


  1. another nice poem mona...inner voice...oh..u write on a variety of topics...gud gud :)

  2. Oh Mona, You have this sense of Rhyming !!! I have to say this :)

  3. hey nice poem yaar ...ur inner voice....its good

  4. nice.. and especially the whole description of inner voice.. so apt a title..


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