November 22, 2008

The Large Black Spot

My first print on this blog, please respect it. Thank you.

The Large Black Spot

Sometimes I feel stuck,
Between every thought,
Behind every laughter,
A large black spot

The stencil of this masque,
Has been shaped so perfect,
Despite being deceived,
I grow more allergic

All these beautiful faces,
Don’t give me wings,
I generate more sorrow,
Instead of sweet things

Don’t plaster me, inside these wall,
These walls that u made, with your own thoughts,
On these walls, you’ll find my name,
On these walls, a large black spot.




  1. welcome andy...
    a gud one here! cheers!

  2. yes, first Welcome in :)

    Not a bad post, tells that you can write way better.

    i re-read it: and i like this line 'I generate more sorrow'

    way to go :)

  3. Wow!!!!!!
    This feels good,
    thank you critics!!!

  4. that was a good one :) n welcome :)


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