November 24, 2008

I don't know!

Everymorning I wake up,
Finish my morning chores, and get to work,
I make a target for the day,
But I don't know how much I would complete!

The whistle blows at the dock,
The sailors aboard their ships,
The anchors rise from the sea bed,
But I don't know how many ships will reach the next coast!

A nation goes to war,
Its army readies itself against the enemies',
Soldiers full of optimism stride confidently into the field,
But I don't know how many will come back!

Parents love their children,
Bring them up and give them a life,
Thinking they would be supported in their old age,
But I don't know how they end up in an old age home!

Such is the life of man,
He toils for his aspirations, spends all energies after them,
Halves his sleeping time, and shuns his pleasures,
But he doesn't know how much he will achieve!

It is but the vanity of man,
That makes him so confident, so ambitious,
So greedy, he cares zilch for his fellow beings,
But he doesn't know how much God knows!

So my fellow beings, lets surrender ourselves to the Almighty,
For it is only He who knoweth all and
It is only He who can guide us to our desires.
Let us forget all our troubles and gather one more time
At the table of He, who knoweth all.
And live happily ever after.


  1. It hold my attention till the very last word..
    I think its the most important thing..
    Well done Karmasura,

  2. yes Karmasura, Well done :)
    This is a poem where you have discussed many thing, painted with one shade that dominates all.

    before I comment, Let me share a story with you all :) My friend shared it with me:

    '' On a flight a plane was having air disturbance, the seat belt sign were put on from the departure, the things went so ugly that the crew decided not to serve, with the passage of time the passengers getting nervous till the time everyone started to read Quran / Bible.

    In all this saga a man like the others was facing the same music but was surprised to see a girl who was not at all worried about what is going on, she was calm, composed and confident.

    As the time goes by, the man on the one hand getting nervous but on the other hand gets more and more confused while seeing the girl completely relaxed.

    When they finally landed she looks for the girl to ask her unusual behaviour.

    She replied i was confident that nothing will going to happened to me, since my father was the pilot of this aeroplane and he is taking me home.

    We are send here by the All Almighty Allah, do we have the same confidence that HE will Never leave us alone? The One who loves us more than any human being or any known creature to us. How strong is our faith? ''

    and yes, it is not solely about what we do and the way we do so.. It is also about fate and trust and prayers..

    liked your poem :)
    Keep writing!


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