November 24, 2008

Romance with my Maiden


Every morning,
My love calls me,
After I am done with the yawning.

Rest I do, my palm on hers,
The luscious bosom of hers,
Ever so alluring.

That body full of rounds,
Making a perfect hour glass-
Never before, had I seen such mounds.

Ride we forth taking bends,
Signs come, we wait for a while-
But we never reach dead ends.

Her purr, ah! softer than a cat-
Every man would drown in those-
Desiring to take her, but for that brat.

Her paws so firm, never letting free,
Grip on the bed, like no other-
Not for a moment loose, or gone would I be!

At last at the time of desire, we come.
Oh what a pleasure that was-
Fun always, till old age come.

I thank God, for giving me such a bride-
Without whom, I would be late
At work, and by the boss fried.

My bride, my pride is...


  1. lol but was tricky ...but that ride n all i realized that it wud be ur bike....nice way ....just like one of my earliest post called some one i loved

  2. thanks.. is that post on this blog or on your main one??

  3. hahaha!!! Karmasura,

    per Ste, this is better :P i liked it more, i guessed that in your post.. This was awesome!

    a delicious read :D

  4. haha arey islex...i have edited and changed it ...u check it on 31st new yr eve

    exactly at 11.55 pm just 5 min for 2009... wud be good

  5. LOL. okay, sure! but mine and your new year timing will be different you;ll cekebrate new year 30 minutes earlier to me!

  6. ha ha ha that was soooo misleading.. lol.. it was lovely though :)


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