November 24, 2008

Favourite blog of 2008

hey guys,its just one month remaining for a brand new year and a brand new season.Blogger v2 has decided to present an award called "favourite blog of 2008".This contest is open for all bloggers in our Lounge as well as in blogosphere.All you have to do is register ur blog on or before 10th December 2008.Registrations can be done in Blogger V2.0 community.

hey guys wht r u waiting for.Juts nominate ur blog and let people judge your blog wheter it fits to be the favourite blog of 2008.I have already nominated my blog for the same.We need more participation.

For More details about registration info,check Blogger V2.O and Writers lounge Orkut

Rules: Only one blog per person is do nominate the blog which you can fetch you the award.

here is the sneak peek of the winner badge "Favourite blog of 2008"

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  1. *yawns*

    lol.. i hope it was not a blasphemy :P


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