November 28, 2008

Father, Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do

In the beginning You made the heavens,
the earth and everything else that is.
Did You know all of it even then,
that we would be nothing but remiss?
You made us in Your image from dirt,
and breathed into us the breath of life.
Did You know then that all we’d do is hurt,
and be with You always at strife?
There was no pain, no tears, no mar,
the world was perfect in every way.
No sin, no crusades, no holy war,
no terror attacks to ruin the day.
There was nothing that we couldn’t do.
You said, just don’t eat from this one tree.
But still we chose to disobey You,
and be slaves rather than to be free.
Why Eve? Adam why?
Why did they rather choose to die?
If only they hadn’t chosen to sin,
how wonderful then this world would’ve been.
And since then it’s been the same,
we’ve always kept our backs on You.
How lowly and dirty we became,
and yet we gave the devil its due.
We slaughter and kill in Your name,
and then we conveniently choose You to blame.
Don’t You ever regret You made man?
That You made us the center of Your plan?
We don’t curse our fathers for our wrong takes.
We don’t blame our mothers for our mistakes.
Aren’t You our Father too?
Then why do we point fingers at You?
All we’ve ever given You is hate,
and yet You tell us that it’s never too late.
You loved us and You died for us,
Why do You waste Your love so precious?
How can You just forgive the things we do,
when pain is all that we’ve given You?
You came to take our sins away,
and yet we crucify You everyday!
On one hand we want to be free,
We say, “God, I don’t want You controlling me!”
We have freewill and when we screw things up,
it’s then that we want You to make it stop.
Oh God when will we understand,
that Your ways are different from that of man?
That the reason you let things go by,
is that like everything else, certain rules apply.
You’ve always given us a choice,
to choose between what’s right and wrong.
And to help us, You became our inner voice,
but we have ignored it all along.
Inside all of us is the Spirit of Jesus,
and there’s also the devil in every one of us.
It’s up to us who we let dominate,
the God of Love or the god of hate.
Death, destruction, terror and war,
What is the world coming to?
Father, forgive them, for,
they know not what they do!
Lord Jesus when will You come?
We're sick and tired of living like a slave.
Look at what Your perfect world has become,
hurry, or there will be no one left to save.

Quit blaming God for everything bad that happens in this world. Face it. We brought this upon ourselves and we are the ones to blame for it, not God. Seeing the state of the world, He is hurting much more than you are right now. Instead, praise Him and thank Him for everything good that's left. My condolences to the victims of the terror attack in Mumbai and prayers for the misguided 'terrorists'. May God have mercy on their souls. I'm sure most if not all of you must be hating these men from the core of your hearts but realize that the same God who made us also made them. All of us are born the same. It is not God who makes us or lets us do such evil things, it is us. Look closely in a mirror, and you'll realize that there is a 'terrorist' in all of us.


  1. Although the theme of the poem is a little against my dogma, I truly second you.

    Its not about hating anyone, its about hating the bad they've done. Action rather than man. But then, it is very hard, not hating the person who's spread terror and grief. God can do so, we're less in courage maybe.

    And yes, We cant Blame Allah for the wrings we're doing, because all the good is From Him, all the bad are our own mistakes.

    I am devastated at the attacks, I find it similar to the attack we had here in islamabad only different is that there were no firing or gun shots, but a horriable blast. I wish if there is more peace. I pray if they stop misguiding people...

    May Allah bless us all with peace and harmony! amen.

  2. Hello,

    Do you, by any chance, happen to know who Secret Dubai (the blogger: is?

  3. lovelyy .. and agree to ur thoughts


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